Webshow #2!

I made a webshow!

The first episode of the webshow we called: back on stage!
It was fun to make and maybe we'll make more episodes!


Hello everybody!

I am tagged by hanna, so cool! Thank you very much!
The holy rules of the tag-system.
1. Say thank you to the person who tagged you (broadcast his/her blog if you want to)
2. Answer the questions in that post (you can answer them in your own way).
3. Tag 10 other bloggers.

The questions:

Favourite color/colour?

Favourite pet?
My own cat: leentje.

Favourite number?

Which perfume do you wear?
Right now I don't wear any perfume but I have some very nice perfumes. They are called: signorina from anna and another one which is called miami magic.

Is there anything you always got with you and which really belongs to you?
Since a year I've got glasses. In the beginning I didn't like it. But now they are a piece of me.

What is your passion?
I like it very much to make movies and at school I'm very good at mathematics.

Recieve or give presents?
I'm very happy if I recieve a present so I choose that one ;-)

Which eyeshadow did you wear the last time?
MNY my shadow 317.

Favourite day of your week?
Saturday. Basketball competition every week.

Do you wear nail varnish?
Of course! I love it! I like it to be creative with nail art.

Now I'll pass this tag to 10 other blogs. I will try.
3. Mell
5. Demi
6. Anne
10. Astrid

I did it!!

Thanks for reading!

holiday, this is not a book, shopping!

Hello everybody!!

I'm so sorry I didn't tell you I went on holiday. I went to New York City, Washington and Florida!
It was soo cool! We went to brooklyn bridge, the statue of liberty, columbus square, broadway, times square, the empire state building, ground zero, american museum of natural history and central park. This was all in NYC!!
In washington dc we saw the white house and in Florida we went to walt disney world, universal studios and even aligators!
It was sooo cool!
Before I tell you something about what I bought, it's time to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister. Se turned 8 years today. I gave her nailvarnish and some eye shadow. She directly used it! I helped her making her nails look beautifull. But I'll write about that later on. 

I also shopped some nice things. (pay attention they are far away from normal)..
These I can hang on my bedroom door.

clapper board

FBI cap

Basketball shirt. (back)

Basketball shirt (front)

I ♥ NY sweater
Before I left I had problems with pictures but now I don't so I can show you a book I've got (i just started). Well.. a book? I don't know if I can call it a book because the title says: it is not a book. It's created by keri smith who is also the creater of wreck this journal. I liked that book and this one too! 

Back of this is not a book

First page


I had to hide it's identity so I tried to make a kind of clutch.

Yesterday I went shopping with a friend from the drama festival: pauline. She's very kind. I went to Arnhem by train and we shopped till we dropped ;-)
I bought a very nice shirt @ H&M!!

We saw some very nice heels but we didn't buy them. (our parents don't allow that, eventhough they are lovely, my parents)

Nice heels in pink!