Lean On Festival Outfits!

Hey allemaal! Hierbij mijn allereerste video in het Nederlands! Ik vind het stiekem toch wel spannend om deze overstap te maken, maar he, je moet alles een keer proberen! In deze video heb ik zo'n twee dagen werk zitten en het resultaat mag er dan ook wezen: drie hele leuke festival looks geïnspireerd door de Lean On videoclip van Major Lazer en DJ Snake. Natuurlijk zitten er ook weer andere tips verwerkt in de video voor festivals in het algemeen en eindig ik deze video met een soort mini videoclip (die je niet al te serieus moet nemen ;)). Veel plezier met kijken en vergeet niet te abonneren op mijn YouTube kanaal want vanaf nu zijn alle videos in het Nederlands! [Xo Anna]

Sporty Stripes || OUTFIT


Het is weer even anders om nu in het Nederlands te schrijven. Vandaag heb ik weer een outfit voor jullie. Afgelopen week ging ik even de stad in om te winkelen en ik heb toen meteen wat outfit foto’s geschoten. Dit vind ik echt een fijne outfit om lekker te gaan shoppen: comfortabel, makkelijke schoenen en toch helemaal mijn stijl.

Gipsy Necklace || NEW IN

Wow. This necklace is seriously so perfect! I'm talking about my new statement necklace from Happiness Boutique! I received it last week and it truly makes that statement you want a statement necklace to make! It is larger than the usual statement necklace and I can't wait to style it in an outfit soon! Click read more to this awesome necklace!       

Born Pretty Store Makeup || NEW IN

Recently I did some shopping again at Born Pretty Store. They have the most amazing and cute makeup items, very very cheap. This time I went for several travel items because obviously these will come in handy during summer. Even if it's just for a sleepover, these items are essentials for me! I got a lipgloss, eye shadow palette, makeup blender and perfume travel bottle!

Bohemian Festival Clothes

Recently I came across some amazing festival clothes on the webshop Smit Mode and today I will be sharing my favorites with you! I would definitely wear these clothes to a festival and I love their details such as the fringes, studs or nice patterns. Each item I show is from the brand 10 Feet. I really love their collection because everything seems to be of good quality and available in adorable colors. Above you can see two amazing dresses (military green and blue denim) and a t-shirt I would love to wear to a festival myself! Click read more for more favorite items of this collection and some tips on how to style them!

Polette Sunglasses || NEW IN

Thanks to Polette I'm wearing some adorable wooden glasses every day. Now I got the opportunity to get myself two pairs of amazing (sun)glasses! The first pair, as you can see above, is totally different from the usual sunglasses and that's exactly what I like about them! They make your outfit look more edgy, which is a go for me! Just hit the read more button to see my other pair as well!

Inspiration By Jill

‘photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world’ 

Hi Guys! Do you ever have that moment where you don’t have any inspiration? Whether it’s for your blog or work, inspiration is a must. You can find inspiration basically anywhere. Magazines, blogs, celebs and anything that surrounds you. Today I took some pictures, inspired by the most beautiful city in the world. And I hope I can inspire you with these pictures.