Dear readers,

I really need some help from you guys. I want to organize a give-away. But I really haven't got any clue what you would like to have. I know you like fashion and beauty products. But can you please tell me what specific thing you would like to be in it. I will select one (maybe more) and create something nice for my own give-away. I wish you lots of luck!

Here I have some nice, inspiring texts for you. I hope you like them!

Fashion Inspiration

Fashion Inspiration

Mulberry white tee
$310 -

Nicoli blazer

Old Navy rock jeans
$35 -

Acne boots
€387 -

Daily life

At the moment I'm listening to radio 538. It's a dutch radio which has very nice music. There is also going to be a new schoolawards election. Did you already sign up your school for it? I did and I hope we are going to win. You might think: why do you want to win? Well, because if your school wins, you get a very nice school party. If you are in the top 5 you get a party too but also with the other competing schools. One time our school was already in the top 5 and the party was great! Another school in our neighbourhood ones won the 538-schoolawards. You can vote for your favourite high school on this site: Unfortunately it's only for the dutch schools: i'm sorry for the others, next time it's your turn!

This morning I woke up and put the light on. I thought: omg, this light is way too bright! .. But I didn't want to sleep any longer because otherways my whole day is gone by sleeping. I think that's unfortunate. Your day could be 3 hours shorter if you would start sleeping again. So I was going to read in my book. And I finished it. It's a very nice book. It's called: chatroom and written by Helen Vreeswijk. You must try it! It's about an investigation from the police. Two BFF's want to sign in for a model-bureau. They find it via a chatroom on the internet. But than it turns out to be (and they don't notice) a child pornographer. An illigal one. They are forced to do things they don't want to do. In the end they are dumped in a bus station. Two old people find them and the investigation from the police start. Will they manage to arrest the criminal before he flees to another part of the world?

Make-up tips & tricks ♥

Never put the accent on your lips and your eyes at the same time. It's because if you do, it is very overdone and it's not beautifull. You'd do better by chosing for a more natural look. Use for example a very bright eyeshadow with colourless lipgloss. Or dark brown lipstick with minimum eyeshadow. The showy lipliner combined with dramatical make-up (like very often on televsion) doesn't look well with somebody who is way too young. Still, glamerous make-up can be very beautiful, if it's combined with a natural finish.


The only limits in your life are those that you set yourself.

You never know where you end.

Give it all you've got because you never know if there's going to be a next time.

H&M spring collection!

It has been winter for a long time and that means spring is waiting for us. It also means shopping! I'd love to shop some of my spring clothes in h&m. I just love that shop because of it's cheap high fashion which is at very good quality. Here I will give you all a sneak peak on the spring collection. Do you want to see more? Just visit: 

What to wear

What to wear

H M draped top
£7.99 -

Burberry coat
$1,495 -

Paige Denim skinny leg pants
£151 -

Rupert Sanderson slip on shoes
$372 -

Brass jewelry
$289 -

Michael Kors face jewelry
£200 -