Green Tea || HEALTH

We all have heard about it at least once in our lives: drinking green tea is good for your health. But what makes drinking green tea so extraordinary good?

Small haul || VIDEO

Hey guys! Today I would like to show you a so-called small haul video of things I've been buying recently. There is some beauty stuff but also a couple of non-beauty and fashion things in there. Please check out the video I made and/or see the pictures below. I hope you'll like it and please let me know what you think! 

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Bracelet - Unknown
Bag - Chicnova
Slippers - Pieces
Eyebrow set - Catrice
Pink nail polish (pink boom) - Maybelline New York
Nail decoration pearls - Catrice
Mascara - Maybelline New York

Mrs Carter Tour || OUTFIT

Hello everyone! Today I would love to share the outfit I wore to the Beyoncé concert last sunday. The concert was so amazing! I like everything about Beyoncé, she is a great performer as well as a great singer and dancer. She is just the best when it comes down to live singing! A lot of big stars are not as good life as they are on cd, but Beyoncé is. I had a really good time with my friend and I love the set-up of the Mrs Carter Tour so much! At one point she was even 'flying' to the other stage. At the entrance there were some fans who slept in the row so they could be the first one to enter. Luckily we had sitting places so that was not applicable to our situation. We were standing and dancing all concert long. So, that was it about the concert. Click read more to see my lovable (new) outfit with my new Converse All Stars!

The perfect spring outfits

| Topshop Cross bracelet | Bangle Bracelet | Top | Skirt | Guess Necklace | Backpack |
Hey everyone! Since summer is almost here I thought it would be so cool to do a post of spring/summer outfits just to give you a couple of ideas on how to style your clothes in a fashionable way. The first outfit (see picture above) is a very girly and cute outfit. Try to combine a shirt with text with a skirt with a floral print: it will look adorable! I also highly recommend wearing a backpack with this outfit since it gives a nice and fashionable impression. Finish your outfit of with some nice accessories and you are ready to go! 

| Dress | Net-A-Porter Sunnies |  Hat | Shoes | Leather Bag |
The second outfit I've created looks very summer-y and beach-y which I love! I love these glasses (I want them for two years already, but I have subscription sunglasses so it's not that easy unfortunately) so so much! I also really like how I combined a white and cute dress with the more casual and cool chick accessories like the leather bag, hat and shoes. Basically you can just combine any nice dress with a hat and it looks so much cooler already. It's definitely worth trying!

| Lace Top | Necklace | Sandals | Friendship bracelets | AARRGHH bracelet | Shorts |
This is the third outfit I created. I really like this one because it's casual but still girly and a little bit edgy. I like how the lace fits with the more edgy sandals and bracelets. I used a small, but cute, necklace with a little camera on it to finish the look. I love shorts like the ones above because you can combine them with almost everything and they look stunning!

These were the outfits I created, what do you think of them and which one do you like the most? Let me know!

Love, Anna

Cheap clothes at

| Ring | Pink Dress | Purple Dress
Recently I discovered a new web shop which sells very cheap clothing. Even though I think some of the models on their site are too thin and skinny, I love the shop. The clothes they are selling look like the ones of Clothingloves and some like the ones of Edressy. They sell mostly Chinese wholesale clothing. Besides normal clothing they also sell jewelry, affordable prom dresses and cocktail dresses. I do not like everything on their shop but after a good look I found some really nice things!

These are a couple of my favorites from their shop. This lace blouse would be so adorable to wear on hot spring days and you will draw all attention to your legs with this pair of skinny jeans! I really like the black and white print on this cute top (with collar). I also think the blouse with the birds (it's in mint and off-white) is really cute for spring and look at the cute little golden dots and crosses on this white blouse! It's amazing! And have you already seen the white shirt with the black baroque print on it? It's so cool! I think this would look stunning with a pair of leggings and show-off heels. To finish I put a pair of really cute and fashionable shorts in this set. I love the golden crosses sooo much!

Next to prom dresses they also sell really cool evening dresses and summer dresses online. It's worth checking it out! What is your favorite item of EFoxCity? Put a link below so I can check it out!

Love, Anna

Coolest items of Clothingloves

Today I would like to show you a little it-list of an amazingly cheap webshop called clothingloves. As you might know already, they have womens clothing as well as mens clothing and they sell special occasion dresses, but also Chinese tops for example. What I like about this web shop, is that they sell everything for a good price. Like the dress above, which is only $11.99. Amazing, right?

Top $8.99                                                  Top $8.99

 Jacket $38.69                                   Tote bag $12.99

 Floral shorts $7.99                            Printed top $7.99

The time has come

Hello beautiful girls! Since it's getting warmer (finally!) you will want to change your hot boots for a new pair of spring/summer shoes. We girls need a fashionable pair of heels as well as a pair of comfy sneakers and slippers for la beach :). I can not stop thinking about the beach! When I am finished with my end exams (yes, they start in about a month :$) I have all the time to go there. First, I need to focus on school (and blogging of course) and pass my exams. I hope you are going to like this post and feel free to click the read more button to see some shoespirations and ideas. Loveyou!

My evening skincare routine

I made another video for you guys and this time it's my evening skincare routine. Just click on the link below and you will be able to view the video. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think is the best skincare product.  I hope you guys enjoy :)

MUST SEE SUNDAY || Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress and I love her so much! She keeps on blundering on stage and everybody can laugh about it. This is also one of the reasons I like her so much. She is always herself and she is not a robot when she's on the red carpet. She  says things like: "Gosh, I'm so hungry!" and "I see the McDonalds and I've just ordered a Happy Meal". I think Jennifer would be a great friend as well as an actress. In this video you can see a couple of her funny moments.

There is nothing wrong with Jennifer's style as well. For the Oscars she got to wear a beautiful dress from Dior. Do you know that it was the first dress she tried? She took literally the first dress she tried! We all know she rocks in this dress, this just can not be coincidence.

Omg you guys, this hairstyle is sooo totally my style! I love the braid around the head and how she let some hair spontaneously loose. 

This dress is so beautiful! I love the cut out in the front, the color, the shape: everything! I think she paired it really nice with a glittery clutch.

I think this dress is cool as well! I love that it looks girly, edgy and a little bit metallic at the same time.

Oh this dress is so adorable! I love how the glitters start close to each other in top and that there keeps coming more and more space between them. It kind of gives an ombre effect. I also really like the color and she looks absolutely cute in this dress!

Jennifer rocks this all-black outfit as well! It makes her look very classy and chic.

The last two dresses are what I call (again): style. She knows how to combine these dresses with a nice pair of shoes. She goes all natural here without any jewelry or clutches. Simplistic, but still stylish. That can only be one person: Jennifer Lawrence!

I hope you liked this post! Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think of her outfits and the little video.


Summer inspiration


To get you guys a little bit more into the summer mood, I thought it would be nice to do a summer inspiration post :) This is the second post of my spring and summer series and I hope you'll like it!

P.s. Please leave a post and/or video request below about what you want to see next on my blog!


I hope you liked these inspirations and that I let you think about summer with this post. See you!