MUST SEE SUNDAY || Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress and I love her so much! She keeps on blundering on stage and everybody can laugh about it. This is also one of the reasons I like her so much. She is always herself and she is not a robot when she's on the red carpet. She  says things like: "Gosh, I'm so hungry!" and "I see the McDonalds and I've just ordered a Happy Meal". I think Jennifer would be a great friend as well as an actress. In this video you can see a couple of her funny moments.

There is nothing wrong with Jennifer's style as well. For the Oscars she got to wear a beautiful dress from Dior. Do you know that it was the first dress she tried? She took literally the first dress she tried! We all know she rocks in this dress, this just can not be coincidence.

Omg you guys, this hairstyle is sooo totally my style! I love the braid around the head and how she let some hair spontaneously loose. 

This dress is so beautiful! I love the cut out in the front, the color, the shape: everything! I think she paired it really nice with a glittery clutch.

I think this dress is cool as well! I love that it looks girly, edgy and a little bit metallic at the same time.

Oh this dress is so adorable! I love how the glitters start close to each other in top and that there keeps coming more and more space between them. It kind of gives an ombre effect. I also really like the color and she looks absolutely cute in this dress!

Jennifer rocks this all-black outfit as well! It makes her look very classy and chic.

The last two dresses are what I call (again): style. She knows how to combine these dresses with a nice pair of shoes. She goes all natural here without any jewelry or clutches. Simplistic, but still stylish. That can only be one person: Jennifer Lawrence!

I hope you liked this post! Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think of her outfits and the little video.


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  1. Adoro Jennifer, brava e bella e simpatica..

  2. aah zij is zoo awesome, echt heel erg down to earth en anders dan normale actrices, niet zo fake zegmaar..

  3. Love it! She is amazing, shall we follow> let me know ! I follow all back

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  5. She's such stylish young lady and great actress <3

  6. Hee! Inderdaad zo lang geleden dat ik je heb gesproken! Snel weer eens what's appen ;) Jennifer is echt stunning! Dat laatste jurkje vind ik echt mooi en de hakken ook vooral :) Super leuk artikel! xoxo

  7. She is such an inspirational fashion icon, she is so beautiful and I think you're right, she would make a great friend


  8. I love her too..She's my age..and she's already won an oscar..!! She would also be cool to hang out with!

  9. Oh, Jeniffer Lawrence! I love her sooo much! And every movie with she!
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  10. I like the first dior. I´m your new follower :) xxx

  11. Im absolutely in love with Jennifer Lawrence she always looks so beautiful! Love her hair braid in the picture there too! Thank you for my comment! x

  12. this little hollywood darling is just adorable all the tima an look pretty anywhere <3
    nice post!
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  13. Love her! So gorgeous! Loved your blog! We are following you on gfc, wanna follow each other on facebook and bloglovin? Let us know! We always follow back Kisses! ♥

  14. loved the looks beautiful.


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