How to style Dr. Martens?

Winter is coming up which means we have another excuse to buy ourselves a new pair of shoes. There might be some, a few or many of you who own a pair of Dr. Martens. I've also been looking for a pair but I did never order any, probably because there is just too much choice. Today I will show you some different outfits with different kinds of Dr. Martens. They all are in a different style and I really think they are awesome! Let's get started!

Last minute Halloween Outfit Inspiration

Did you just decide to go to a Halloween party, but haven't you got a clue what to wear? Don't worry! In this little last-minute Halloween outfit guide I will show you some of my best cheap, easy and quick Halloween outfits. Let's just get started! 

Amazing Little Jacket || OUTFIT

Recently I purchased this pink jacket with coins and fringes at Loavies and I totally am in love with it. The fabric looks really chic and it's even more comfortable to wear than I thought it would be. I did not expect this amazing quality, thank you so much for creating the most perfect little jacket ever! It's really warm and looks amazing. I can't wait to style it in my outfits this fall and winter! When I looked around in the Loavies shop, I came across so many more adorable items so I will definitely order something again in the future!

Time to go fashion shopping!

Recently I bought some fashion pieces which I would love to share with you! In this video I am showing you everything I bought in the past couple of weeks. Make sure to tell me in the comments what's your favorite item, I'd love to know! I went to Primark, Forever21, Vero Moda, Zara and more. Also I bought sunglasses, but who cares?! I really need to ask for lenses and this way I won't forget because other ways I will not be able to wear those glasses and I want to so bad! Anyway, enjoy the video!


I would not be a female if I wouldn't be updating my wishlist every time again in my mind. Today I thought it was time to share my current wishlist with you because it has been a while since I last shared my wishlist with you guys. Today I'm craving for some typical winter items. The perfect warm and cozy sweater, warm socks, a checker scarf, the perfect winter boots, a small cute necklace and some black ripped up jeans. What are you currently craving?

Big City Life || OUTFIT

The day before yesterday I teamed up with my friend Senna again to shoot some outfit photos. She is really talented and I love the results! I think the day was interesting for both of us since we experimented a lot with different lenses and angles. I really like my new sweater from MANGO and of course I can't forget about this amazing scarf from Primark. I never thought Primark would have such an amazing scarf, it's perfect for me!

Layer Your Outfit Fall Edition

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to explain how you can create layers very easily. The trick is to give the outfit a complicated twist, but it also has to be comfortable. I suppose everyone has a dress and jackets, so here we go! 

How to analyse a fashion show on trends?

To be fully reliable in your trend reporting, you will need to analyze multiple fashion shows. However, for starters it might be more useful to analyze a single show since it forces you to use your imagination and think bigger. Today I will be showing you how you can discover new trends yourself. How cool will it be if you could predict next years fashion trends? Of course it requires practice and a little bit of feeling, but in this post I will try to get the main points of a fashion show trend analysis straight.

The Best Of Ready To Wear Fashion Week SS15

Fashion weeks have been all around us. That's why I went to the Italian Vogue site to collect to list the most amazing fashion shows for you. I will also tell how I think these shows will turn out in collections next year. Let's start with this amazing collection from Angelos Frentzos. Do I need to say more about the hair styles, shoes and amazing fabrics? I'm blown away!

Trend Alert: Customized Denim

Source: WeHeartIt

One trend hasn't left yet and another one is passing by while another one is coming up. Trends are passing by so quickly it's almost impossible to get a hold on all of them. Recently I realized something new is coming up: using patches and other things to customize denim. Jeans, jackets, coats, tops, basically any denim can be transformed by it. Now I was wondering: do you like this trend or not? Still in doubt? Hit the read more button to see how these fashionable people wore it.

I am going to post more often!

Good news! I wanted to start posting on this blog more often, so from now on there will be guest bloggers to help me do this. I will still post myself every other day for now, but more posts will be up each week! I can't tell you yet how often we will post since I still have to find out myself, but I really hope you will like this news as well! Make sure to check out the About Us page because it will soon be updated with a little story of each (guest)blogger!

Tell us in the comments if you are just as excited as we are!

All About My Life

Recently I posted some new Instagram photos and I would love to tell you a little bit more about them! I am planning to post more regularly than I was used to so make sure to follow me on Instagram to see more about my life! Let's go! 001 I went to a One Direction concert with my sister and her friend for the very first time in my life and it was totally amazing! 002 When we went to Japan we took these awesome photobooth photos! 003 I just felt like taking a selfie :D 004 I went to Amsterdam Fashion Week with a couple of other bloggers and it was so much fun! 005 I lived in Amsterdam for a while and this is one of the amazing sunset photos I took with my phone at the Museumplein 006 With some other lovely bloggers at the HEMA blog academy. 007 I was doing some Penny Boarding. 008 Filming my fall outfit video in the forest. 009 I went to the open day of Erasmus University in Rotterdam and afterwards we went to the Maasvlakte. 

Let me know if I should post more often on Instagram!

DIY Halloween Custome, Makeup and Hair

Welcome to my very first Halloween video! It's actually pretty scary to be on the internet on such an extreme level, but I really hope it will help you out. It's a really colorful and fun Halloween custome and I will also show you a makeup an hair tutorial. I made the floral crown before, so if you would like to see that video, click here. Oh, make sure to let me know if I should do more Halloween videos in the comments!

Black & White Outfit Inspiration

Thinking about my previous outfit post, I thought it would be nice to give you guys some black and white outfit inspiration and that's what I will be showing you today. I went on WeHeartIt and Tumblr to find the most amazing black and white (outfit) inspiration. Let me know which picture you like the most! Also, don't forget to check out my previous outfit post. 

In Line With Color || OUTFIT

Are you starting fall with a kick-off outfit? I definitely tried to wear something nice, let me know if I succeeded ;-) I love wearing all black and white outfits with a pop of pink, or basically a pop of any bright color. Today I decided to wear my all black and white outfit with a coral Primark beanie. It's really cozy and just provides a little bit more style to my outfit. Since I always go to school by bike, I think skirts are not really a go-to for school, but these skorts are the best solution I could find for this. They look like a skirt, but they are actually shorts!

My last VIP box

So that was that. I've been a VIP box member for 7 months now and I decided to stop my membership. It's not about the box, but I just had to be a little bit more careful with my money and I prefer to buy something else from it in the future. I've had a lot of nice boxes (see a recap at the bottom of this post).  Today I will show you my very last VIP box!

Fabulous Little Tomboy || TAG

It's been a while since I did a tag and I instantly got a new idea for a tag so I created this tag all by myself! It's the first tag I've ever created but I think it's totally awesome since I've never seen such a tag before. There are 11 questions about you, as a child and what you were wearing at the time. Click read more to see my answers. Oh, and I would love you to do this tag as well so I tag all of you!