Meet my cat and hat || OUTFIT

Today I am wearing some awesome new clothes. I'm wearing a skirt from Romwe, but I'm also wearing my new hat! And look at this gorgeous knitted hat. I fell like this hat is made for me. When I first looked at the shop I thought it would be darker but the color turned out just fine. I like how vintage and schoolgirl-like this outfit is looking. However it looks a little bit granny, it also keeps it's modern twist because of the deep blue skirt. I love it! Do you?

Strawberry Necklace

A few days ago I got a really cute package from Hoobynoo World. They send me an adorable strawberry necklace called Sally the strawberry. So cute! When I took a quick look at their site I found out this necklace has been ordered by Lateysha Grace and Nicole Morris from MTV's The Valleys, to be worn during the second series. I think this necklace will be such a cute addition to my jewelry collection because it can make any outfit look instantly cute. I also love the red color! What do you think of the necklace? Let me know! 

The Coolcat Fashion Party!

A few weeks ago you could join my give away. You had the opportunity to win 2 VIP tickets for the Coolcat Fashion Party in the Hollywood Music Hall in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. There was a special dance and fashion show with dancers from So You Think You Can Dance (a dutch TV program) and amazing DJ's like the Party Squad and Mr. Polska. Two readers of my blog had the chance to go to this amazing event with a friend. Today, I would like to share their thoughts with you!

Bumped into Real Life || TRENDS

Hey! Some of you said you wanted me to write more about trends, so that's what I'm doing. Make sure to fill in the one question questionnaire on the right top corner of my blog. Your vote counts! Today I will be showing you some of my favorite catwalk trends which are already converted or converting to daily life. Click read more to see the trends!

When the sun goes down || OUTFIT

Todays outfit is almost completely from Forever21 (no, I´m not an affiliate). I just love their shop! Unfortunately there is no Forever21 in the Netherlands, but there will be one in Amsterdam in a couple of months probably. I´m so excited! I bought these clothes in London some time ago. What is your favorite shop?

Hot or Not? || NEW IN

Hey guys! I need your help! I bought some amazing heels on Asos and I'm not sure if I should keep them. They are awesome and really beautiful! I am in love with them and I do think they are perfect BUT I have some difficulties walking on them! I'm not sure if I would ever wear them other than when I'm going to the christmas gala and even then.. It such a hard decision cause I really adore them! Would you keep them?

Do you ever keep shoes which don't walk comfortable?

Be Younique || OUTFIT

Oh my. Recently I received my package from OASAP and I nearly fainted. This skirt is honestly the best skirt ever. The fabric is flawless. The color is so beautiful and then I'm not even talking about the fitting. It's very clear for me. I love this skirt. Also I got this polka dotted blouse and I love that one as well! What do you think of my outfit? Let me know! 

All about my new feather extensions

GabriĆ«lle and Rowan both won 2 VIP tickets to the Coolcat fashion party! I couldn't choose 1 winner so both of them can go to the amazing party! 

Hey guys! Today I would like to let you know that I got a couple of feather extensions. I wanted to try them out for a very long time and now I finally got myself a few from the amazing hair shop Great Hair Extensions. Their service was really fast and I got them very quickly. I couldn´t wait to try them on! I searched for a little tutorial and found out it actually is pretty easy to set them in your hair. Click for a little tutorial and more photos with my feather extensions!

Oh My Coloured Candy || NEW IN

Oh. My. Gucci. I discovered the most adorable online jewelry webshop ever. It's Coloured-Candy. I got a few adorable jewelry and the packaging was very cute, the jewelry stunning and you can adjust everything to your own size! They also left a very sweet and personal note with it. Yes, I'm totally satisfied.

Taylor Swift Makeup, Hair and Outfit!

Say yeay for my new video! It was a full day shooting but then you have something. I really hope you guys will enjoy this video and please leave your video request in the comments below so I can make a video to your wishes :) Love you!

Cute Fall Nail Art

Today I have another video for you and it's a nail art tutorial for the fall time. I really hope you will like it! I always spend a lot of efforts on my videos and I would be very happy if you can subscribe to my channel! :) 

What you need:
- Ridge filler/Base coat.
- Different fall colored nail polishes, I used Burgundy/Wine red, yellow, orange and gold. 
- Thin nail polish brush and a black nail polish or a black nail art polish.
- Shiny top coat.

Good luck! 

X Anna


Today I have an awesome give away for the Dutch and Belgium people. English people: make sure to return to my blog in two days for another fashion post :)

Wow. Wat ben ik enthousiast over deze winactie. Ben je er klaar voor? Je kunt nu 2 speciale VIP kaartjes winnen voor het Coolcat mode feest in Rotterdam. Er is een vette dance en fashion show met dansers uit SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance). Verder kun je helemaal los gaan op Mr. Polska en The Party Squad. Grijp je kans en win deze toffe avond samen met een vriendin! Ik zal er zelf ook bij zijn!

Wil je er sowieso bij zijn? Dat kan! Koop hier je kaartjes.

Wat moet je doen om kans te maken?
- Je bent op 20 oktober beschikbaar en kunt zelf naar de Hollywood Music Hall in Rotterdam komen.
- Vertel me waarom jij dit feest echt niet wilt missen.
- Laat een reactie achter, zeg dat je meedoet en laat een geldig email adres achter.

Wat kun je winnen? Twee VIP tickets voor de Coolcat Fashion Party in Rotterdam. Je zult alles kunnen bewonderen vanaf het VIP deck en krijgt 4 drankjes per ticket!
Datum: zondag 20 oktober 2013.
Tijd: 19:30-04:30 uur.

Weet je niet wat je aan moet trekken naar dit fantastische feest? Ga naar de CoolCat webshop voor inspiratie en gave kleding!

De winnaar wordt bekend gemaakt op 15 oktober. Good luck! Xx

1001 Hair Extensions || NEW IN

You just can't believe how happy I was when a nice women asked me if I wanted to review a set of hair extensions (yup, made of real hair!) from 1001hairextensions. I really dream of growing my hair very long, but reality is different. That's why I always wanted to try hair extensions! Now it was my time! I got the opportunity to choose two sets of hair extensions from their shop and I choose these. When I first received them I wondered if the color wouldn't be too dark for my hair, but after curling my hair the problem was solved. Make sure to click the read more button to see how great these babies look on me :)

The Girl In The Pink Scarf

 Hi everyone! Who recognized the title? Yeah, it's from Confessions of a Shopaholic. I love the shopaholic series so much! In those series they talked about the girl in the green scarf btw. I made it the pink scarf because it suits better to this outfit post. Now you might wonder where I got this scarf. I can tell you, I got it from Kenzaa. It's an amazing web shop and when you place an order of 50 euros or more, you get such a scarf for free! Click read more to see more photos and details of todays outfit!

What to do when you are bored?

Sometimes all your friends seem to have an appointment, your family is gone and you can't find any homework on your desk. What should you do? In this post I will give you a few tips on things you can do when you are bored! I hope you enjoy :)