I have 30 followers on GFC right now and I would like to celebrate it! That's why I have a special give away. Everyone in this world can join. Isn't that great? Let's see what I got you. I went shopping  for you and I hope you like and join this give away (: You can join this give-away for 1 month. So this give away ends at the 25th of July.

I will do all the names in a bowl (if you have 4 entries your name is 4 times in that bowl) and randomly pick one. That person receives this fantastic price. The maximum of entries you can get is 8.

What do you have to do?
- Follow this blog on GFC or Bloglovin'
- Comment on this post that you join this give away and if you have any extra entries.

Extra entries
- Follow this blog on GFC and Bloglovin' (1 entry each)
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False eye lashes (inclusive eye glue)
Caring cleansing wipes from essence
Essence nail polish quick drying
Catrice eyeshadow

Nail polish essence quick drying
Extra: shampoo shining
I think I've chosen nice things for you and I hope you will join :)

Street style post

This is street style post number one! Femme is this time the lucky one. She is so kind to tell you about her style and blog. The purpose of this little project is to let others than myself show their views and values on fashion, give them an oppurtunity to introduce their blogs and to entertain you with some high level fashion. I really love the style of Femme, it's lady like, comfortable and shows the beauty of nature, I hope you will enjoy!

I'm Femme, I'm sixteen years old and I live in the north of the Netherlands. I have been blogging for two years now on and my posts are about fashion, but also  about my film photography, art and basically anything that inspires me. 

I like to dress a little different from everyone else, but I never really know how to describe my style, as it's continually changing. It's hard to decide on my favourite piece of clothing. I really love the current trends like pastels and cute collars, but I also couldn't live without basics like high-waisted jeans and all-stars who keep my warderobe together. My favourite piece right now would probably be a vintage grey jumper which is extremely comfortable and has a print on the front with cats. In a way it's kind of like a kids jumper, but that's what I like about it. 

Favourite clothing piece of Femme.

When I go shopping, I tend to buy black and grey things. Especially with shoes, I barely have any shoes that aren't black. But lately, I've been into colours a bit more, and I've been adding some mint-green and powder pink to my closet.

I don't really have a style icon, mostly I get my inspiration from magazines (Lula, Vogue, L'officiel) and blogs (Stockholm Streetstyle, India Rose, Basic Appeal and many more). But I also get inspiration from beautiful pictures, pretty fabric and interesting artwork.  

In the picture I'm wearing a pull&bear parka (my favourite coat ever), a new look jumper, vintage levi shorts and H&M shoes. I wear hight-waisted shorts a lot, because they look great with or without tights and in winter and summer.

Anyway, tell me what you think, and if you like my style, take a look at my blog!

Getting famous in seconds

Untill now I did well on the testweek. It was hard to concentrate with tests of 2 hours, but I did succeed :D How is your school going? Do you have any test weeks? I can imagine everyone wants a little break, like I do. So let's talk about fashion. 

I'm very curious about your style, what kind of clothes you like and what you wear everyday. That's why I would like to start a few street style posts. I need your help for it. Show the world your style and promote your blog too! 

How to join?
- Take a picture of you wearing your favourite clothes.
- Mail your street style picture to:
- Answer the following questions:
  • Introduce yourself
  • What is your favourite garmend?
  • Describe your style.
  • Who's your style icon?
  • Which colours of clothing do you like? (bright, dark, soft)
- If you have a blog, mention it. I will ask you some questions about your blog and that will be in the post too.  

That's all! So, take your photo camera and start shooting! Mail me and be on my blog!




I really can't wait untill it's holiday. Next week wednesday starts my testweek and my concentration level has lowered until the ground. I want to party, celebrate, live and enjoy the sun! I want to go shopping with my friends and relax. Eventhough I've to pass this test week first, I'm already in the summer mood! You too? Here are some relaxing, mood-making pictures for you to get the summer feeling.

Cupcake your nails!

Hello everybody!

In this tutorial you me and my sister show you how to make very nice cupcakes on your nails. I know the quality of the video is bad, but next time I will do it better. It was made with my mobile phone so that's why.

Love and enjoy,