I have 30 followers on GFC right now and I would like to celebrate it! That's why I have a special give away. Everyone in this world can join. Isn't that great? Let's see what I got you. I went shopping  for you and I hope you like and join this give away (: You can join this give-away for 1 month. So this give away ends at the 25th of July.

I will do all the names in a bowl (if you have 4 entries your name is 4 times in that bowl) and randomly pick one. That person receives this fantastic price. The maximum of entries you can get is 8.

What do you have to do?
- Follow this blog on GFC or Bloglovin'
- Comment on this post that you join this give away and if you have any extra entries.

Extra entries
- Follow this blog on GFC and Bloglovin' (1 entry each)
- Write about this give away on your blog and link it to this blog (3 entries)
- Like this post on Bloglovin' (1 entry)
- Promote this give away on twitter: "I'm joining this fantastic beauty give away on It's free and you can win very nice things, you must definately join!" (1 entry)
- Promote this give away on facebook: "I'm joining this fantastic beauty give away on It's free and you can win very nice things, you must definately join!" (1 entry)

False eye lashes (inclusive eye glue)
Caring cleansing wipes from essence
Essence nail polish quick drying
Catrice eyeshadow

Nail polish essence quick drying
Extra: shampoo shining
I think I've chosen nice things for you and I hope you will join :)

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  1. Ik doe mee! Ik volgde je al op GFC, heb je nu ook gevolgd op bloglovin.Ik heb het bericht op Twitter gezet. En deze post geliked op bloglovin! xxx

  2. hey, ik zag dat je mee deed aan mijn winactie. maar je dacht dat ie niet meer geldig was. dat is 'ie wel nog, je kunt meedoen tot 24 juLi, dat staat eronder haha

    wil je nog meedoen?
    Join my winparty, 10 days of give-aways!

  3. Hee! Superleuke give away, natuurlijk doe ik mee! X Annemarie van

  4. Heeej! Wat een super leuke give away! Ik doe mee :)

  5. En ik heb op mijn (vandaag gemaakte) blog gezet, met link! 3 extra entries :D

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog,yes we can follow each other,I am following you,hope you to follow me as well.
    Lovely Ga.

  7. Wow, your blog is sweet! Well, I would like be your follower :)

  8. you have such a cute blog :)
    I follow via GFC as Melita Jagodic
    and Bloglovin + liked this post

  9. I follow you on Bloglovin with email:
    Extra entries:
    -Liked the post on Bloglovin
    -Shared on FB:

    Hope you get much more followers<3


  10. Thanks for posting on my blog!
    I am in!! I am all about giveaways!
    I am following you now, please follow me on my blog at www.prescriptionforfashion, or on!! I always get more followers there :)

  11. Thanks for this lovely giveaway ^^
    i'm joining ;D
    my email:


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