Nail art #1


The summer has started and that means: time for nail art!
In the posts about nail art I'll show you nice and easy examples of good-looking nail art!
In this first post I'll show you all the nail polish I have me myself. 

Flash mob in Germany, Weeze

Dear readers,

A few weeks ago we performed for the dramafestival a flashmob in Weeze, Germany.
But I think it did not turn out well...
The music was ways to soft.
Luckily the movie turned out very well :-)
This is because they put another music into it which is to my oppinion very nice!
Do you want to see the flash mob?
Here is the movie!

New school diary 2011/2012 girls!

Hello everyone!

In Holland a lot of high school students have summer hollidays!
But that means that in Holland they have to prepare for the next school year.
Buy a new diary for example. There are lots of diaries so which one to chooce?
Here I'll give some examples.

Shopperella, you can order it online by the bijenkorf.

Paul Frank julius striped. You can buy it on

Gosi, buy it on for belgium.
Gosi, buy it on for the netherlands.

Style diary on

Pip Studio on

This where some nice school diaries. On the sites below you can chooce yourself from lots of diaries who are not on this site. GOOD LUCK :-)




I discovered a new site with some nice fashion pictures, photographs and drawings!
Here you can see some of them. I think they are very nice!


Dear visiters of my blog,

Today I read something very nice on someone's blog. I read about the stylebook of a girl and I thought: creative, fashion, beauty and fun. What do you want more? So I decided to start my own stylebook. You can just take a photobook. I skipped one page because I also do want to make a front/cover page + maybe an index. 
I read you can just make a style book by cutting out photo's or pictures from magazines and paste them in you book. You can if you want to write something around it or draw something. It's very nice! I like it.
Here you can see the result of what I made (the glue is still not dry so it has some dark marks on it):

Stylebook first page (untill now ;-))