Not-Standard Christmas Gift Ideas

The time of the year his come that all of us get pretty much broke. In this month we buy tons of presents for our family and friends and it's definitely a good thing to think about someone else besides yourself. However, it might be a challenge to find something nice for everyone and you don't want to give a 'boring' giftcard or body gel. That's why I thought it would be nice to show you some non-standard gift ideas! It's kind of like a gift guide for women. Let me know if I should do such a Christmas gift guide for men as well! 

My first tip would be Happy Socks. They are available in tons of colors, sizes and patterns and of course they have all kinds of bright and happy colors. They are a little bit above my average socks price, but they are definitely worth it and they make the receiver happy for sure! 

Recently I discovered WildFlower and their phone cases and gosh I'm in love. Check out this 'YEET' phone case or any of their other ones. Other cool gift ideas would probably be a silver ring or just these simple earrings. They are versatile and look so chic!  

To get extra cozy during winter go for some cozy knitted slippers or a blanket which you can hug when you're cold. Also a Starbucks takeout cup is so cute and definitely suitable for a Starbucks-lover.

For beauty and fashion lovers go for a beautiful purse or bag, a nice perfume or this lipstick from MAC. I recently discovered their color 'Diva' and it's perfect for winter, I promise. Finally, what's better than securing your memories with this lomography photo camera? They are all amazingly cute and take some pretty vintage-style photos: awesome! 

Which idea do you like best? Do you have any other tips for anyone struggling to find presents? Tell us in the comments!

- XOXO Anna

Christmas DIY Advent Calendar

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to show you a quick and easy (but also really cute) DIY. We’re going to make an advent calendar to count down to Christmas. I’ve used stuff everyone has at home, so that won’t be a problem. I guess everyone is looking forward to Christmas, so this must be a fun DIY for everyone. It will never be as great as the original advent calendars, but it will look more beautiful and cute. You don’t have to stick to the steps I take. You can also use other things, this is just a setup. I hope you like it and let’s start.

Thursday Question: Long Or Short Hair?

Suddenly this hype is going on and people are either donating their hair to a cancer fund (which is a good thing) or randomly cutting their hair shorter. Actually I don't know what to do with this. I am one of those people who has to save her entire life to get the length she wants. My hair grows amazingly slow because it's curly and thick. I only let the hairdresser cut of the parts needed to avoid split ends and that's basically it. I do take care of my hair really well, but it just keeps growing slow because it's not in my genes. I'm happy with my length now, which is half long. What would be your ideal length? What do you think of people cutting their hair shorter?

Healthy Substitutes For Winter Cravings

Winter is coming soon and I'm very excited! Ice skating, building a snowman, skiing, Christmas and presents. Everything reminds me about the greatness of life. Of course winter also means lots of unhealthy snacks and believe me, I'm guilty to this as well. However, I also love to stay healthy and have a nice body. That's why I thought it would be great if I could share some tips with you on how to consume better and healthier. Bye donuts, hellooww healthy snacks!

Cozy Winter Time || OUTFIT

Hi! The weather in the Netherlands has been crazy. Days have been like: super cold in the morning and very hot in the afternoon. I’m wearing winter clothes now, but without a coat. That’s the perfect solution J. The poncho I’m wearing on the photos is from the Primark. They have such an amazing winter collection, you should really check that out! I also wear a plain black tank top and leggings so I won’t get it too hot. For shoes I wear my dark blue Uggs, they’re so winter-like.  I really hope that it’s going to snow this year, but I really doubt it because they said on the news that this was the most hot October in history of the Netherlands. But I want to make an Olaf soooo bad this year!

Winter Outfits! :)

I finally have another video! This time filmed with my very new lens! Now filming just makes me happier than ever! Don't forget to let me know which of these outfits is your favorite! I know it's not winter yet, or at least not as it is outside (you know,, a lot of sun..), but who cares?! We girls can never get enough of these really cute and knitted clothes! Right? Anywayz, enjoy the video!

5 Fall/Winter Essentials

The past few weeks you found me often learning in the Bagels and Beans, a Dutch lunchroom. I must admit I’m not very proud of this, since I’m saving money, but I really liked the idea of learning over there. And it worked, it’s so nice to work and blog in another space instead of my room. I drank a lot of hot chocolate, Chai tea and more and everything was so Jummy. But this is not what the article is really about, I’m sorry. I do not only drink lots of (Chai) tea, and watch Netflix, but there are more things I love for autumn and winter, and that’s what I’m going to show you today.

Thursday Question || What Is Your Favorite Web Shop?

Source: WeHeartIt

Welcome back to this time my second Thursday Question! Today I was just wondering,.. everyone has a different taste in style. Even if it seems obvious people like the same kind of stores, it usually differs a lot, even with your best friends. Today I thought it would be nice to discus what your favorite web shops aka online stores are! Let's share them with each other and who knows we will discover some awesome new concepts!

Of course I will also tell you my favorites. Probably I will be going for Topshop, because the quality is always even better than expected and all their clothes are so stylish! Also I love shopping on Zara because I like the big images! I used to love Urban Outfitters as well, but if you want to return something it's so incredibly expensive! Let's see what else I like. Loavies, MANGO, Victoria's Secret and River Island, even though I've only bought something once there. Tell me about your favorites!    

Top 5 Heels & Dresses

 Hello guys! Today I’m going to show you my top 5 shoes & dresses. These are the dresses I love the most and the shoes I think are the prettiest. The most parties are in the winter time, so dresses are very useful in this season. I always wear dresses during Christmas and new years’ eve, always. Nothing is more elegant with a dress than heels. The heels give it much more class and your body looks so much prettier (in my opinion). Let’s take a look at my favorites!

Welcome to my vlog channel!

I've created a vlog channel and it's FollowingAnna! On this channel I will be posting other videos than my main channel BlogFashionAnna. What to expect? Well, I will be guiding you through the story of my life in chapters starting at chapter one! This video is just a little update about fun events coming up and I will be telling you that I just bought a new lens, went to the hairdresser and more. In other vlogs I'm planning to take you with me to events or maybe even just a regular day of school. Let me know what kind of vlogs you would like to see!

Movie Watch List For The Colder Days

Everybody knows the cold weather-feeling. It's cozy, it's nice, it's a fireplace, it's friends and of course it's watching movies as well. Today I thought it would be nice to create a movie watch list for the winter time. It will totally help you get that cozy feeling of togetherness. It would also be so much fun to invite your friends over and have a movie night or sleepover with your favorite winter-ish movies. Which one is your favorite?

Three ways to style shorts during fall

Fall is already here, and I’m still deciding whether I sell my sweaters and buy some new ones, or if I just keep them where they are now, in my closet. I love my sweaters, just like my shorts. Even though people assume that they are only for summer, or spring, I wear shorts just as much as my sweaters. They are so cute, and with some tights underneath them, you’re all set for the cold weather. But how do I style them? (And yeah, don’t tell anyone, but I already bought a new pair last week).

MANGO Sale Haul || NEW IN

Recently I discovered a sale section on the MANGO site so I decided to take the opportunity and purchase some clothes. I really was in need of a few basics in my wardrobe so I was mainly looking for those. Eventually I bought only 1 item on sale, typically me.. :D However, I managed to buy pretty affordable clothes so the end price was very very affordable. Click read more to see my purchases!

Winter Booties || NEW IN

It seems like I've been looking and searching for new winter shoes for ages, but I've finally found a matching pair! They are these black very low booties from Zara. I love the zippers and the little heel which makes it just a little more classy. I think they look really chic even though they are not really high or anything. This might also be because the nose is a little bit in the shape of a triangle. Anyway, I really like them! What do you think of my new boots and how would you style them? 

Tough As Ann || OUTFIT

While you are reading this I'm in the South of Holland because of the 'Dakar Pre Proloog', which is a yearly event in which all Dutch Dakar rally drivers are competing against each other. Also all teams are introduced to the viewers and it's just really fun. The event is tomorrow (Sunday) and it's awesome if you love racing with cars, trucks, motors and quads. If any of you are going there, I'll probably be in the stand of the Maxxis-Super B team, or anywhere else. Make sure to come over and say hi! :) For now, enjoy my outfit!

Thursday Question: Personal Stylist Or Not?

Hay! I'm very excited to announce a brand new section in this blog: the Thursday question! From now on I will have a new interesting question every Thursday. Today we can discuss about online personal stylist services. There are not many online personal stylist services yet, but what if you could make use of this service totally for free? If you would ONLY need to pay for the clothes you keep, would you make use of such a service? Or do prefer to style yourself? I'm really curious at your answers.

I think I would like to make use of such a service every once in a while if I found a great one. It would save me time and I'm curious how professionals would style me. Maybe they have totally different ideas for me which can help me develop my style even further. However, I also still like to dress myself (obviously, since I'm a fashion blogger).

If the service was free, would you make use of an online personal stylist service?

Get ready and rock your exams

Nothing sounds more horrible than a week full of tests. Especially the preparations can be very confronting. Tomorrow is my last test day and this test week went actually pretty well. Different things were playing a role in this, but the tips provided to you in this post will be useful for any kind of tests, or presentations or anything else. So where are you waiting for? Let's get ready to get awesome marks!

Colorful Fall || OUTFIT

Probably I'm not the only one tending to wear a lot of dark clothes during fall and winter. That's why I ordered this colorful skirt and adorable yellow sweater from OASAP. The colors go perfectly together, it looks really fall-ish, girly, cute and colorful! I love sweaters anyway, because they are warm, versatile and perfect for experimenting with different styles and outfits! Also I'm a big fan of this yellow color for winter. What do you think about this outfit?