Healthy Substitutes For Winter Cravings

Winter is coming soon and I'm very excited! Ice skating, building a snowman, skiing, Christmas and presents. Everything reminds me about the greatness of life. Of course winter also means lots of unhealthy snacks and believe me, I'm guilty to this as well. However, I also love to stay healthy and have a nice body. That's why I thought it would be great if I could share some tips with you on how to consume better and healthier. Bye donuts, hellooww healthy snacks!

Hot Chocolate
Probably there are huge temptations going on in your brain to get yourself some hot chocolate with cream and mini marshmallows everyday. Now let me tell you this: using skimmed milk or even semi-skimmed milk with real cacao will be the most healthy option. 'Chocomel' is delicious, but one cup contains tons of sugar and calories. Unnecessary if you compare the taste to the real deal. Also: try to avoid cream and marshmallows. Of course you can drink it a couple of times in your holiday, but don't get used to it. Another tip is to use a milk foam maker (I recently bought one and it's awesome) and get yourself some milk-foam on your hot chocolate. It's delicious and it almost feels and tastes like the real unhealthy cream!

During the colder days cravings for chocolate are very common. At least, for most of us. I've had one friend in my entire life who does not like chocolate. I know, I can't believe it myself either. Chocolate tastes amazing and makes you feel happy. At least, that's what they say, right? Recently I read that milk chocolate doesn't really make you feel happy, but dark chocolate does. A little bit of dark chocolate each day (try to go for a very high percentage of pure cacao) is even healthy and good for your overall health! One pitfall: don't get too overexcited. Just as with everything, too much dark chocolate isn't good either.

Nothing more fun than spending an afternoon with your friends and bake something, right? Well, your body might think totally different about this. It's good to have fun and you should definitely bake nice cookies with your friends some time, but try to go for the more healthy variants. There are tons of recipes out there which show you how to bake sugar-free healthy cupcakes or muffins! I'm not going to feature an entire recipe in this post, but let me know if I should do another post about this some time!

I hope these tips were helpful! As you can see you won't need to quit all your cozy-feeling-bad-eating-habbits. Use them and turn them in something good so you can maintain your health and have an unforgettable winter!

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