5 Fall/Winter Essentials

The past few weeks you found me often learning in the Bagels and Beans, a Dutch lunchroom. I must admit I’m not very proud of this, since I’m saving money, but I really liked the idea of learning over there. And it worked, it’s so nice to work and blog in another space instead of my room. I drank a lot of hot chocolate, Chai tea and more and everything was so Jummy. But this is not what the article is really about, I’m sorry. I do not only drink lots of (Chai) tea, and watch Netflix, but there are more things I love for autumn and winter, and that’s what I’m going to show you today.

Vampy lipsticks
My first essential is this lipstick from MAC. It was my first product ever from MAC, but I absolutely fell in love with it. It’s matte, and this specific color is a great way to add something more special to your outfit.

Sweater dresses
The second one is this new trend, the sweater dress. I already picked up three (oh no, I didn’t. Ehm, yes, I did) this month, and I blame all the lovely autumn collections in store. I’m saving money, I know. But everything just looks so adorable. And everything is so soft. And warm. I just freaking’ love them, okay? 

(Tartan) Scarf
A scarf is also a great way to keep yourself warm, and build your layers in winter. It can lift an outfit from pretty-pretty to brilliant. Especially a tartan one, my personal favorite, and I have one myself from Primark, I wear it almost every day! Here some reasons why you should buy one, first, they are cute. Second, they are so easy to mix with different items. And third, they are SO soft, as far as I can tell. It wouldn’t be Autumn without any lovely tartan and check prints, now would it?

Fall playlist
While enjoying my breakfast, I listen to my favorite songs of the moment. Or when I’m making homework, I listen to my favorite artist, Ed Sheeran and Agnes Obel. I just love them! And I made a playlist for you girls, so you can listen to my favorite songs. Hope you like them!  

I think bordeaux forest (dark green) and mustard yellow are the colors of A / W 14. Bordeaux is my favorite color of all times, but mustard yellow is really nice to. Even though I don’t have anything in this color yet, I really want some sweaters/dresses/skirts in this color (perhaps a turtleneck!). Yes. I still know that I’m saving ;)

What are your fall/winter essentials? And what’s your favorite music? I would love to try something new!


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