Prom last night

Hay guys! Yesterday night it was my time to shine on prom and it was great! I had a really good time with my friends and I received a lot of nice compliments on my dress (from the Amazon). Everyone was dressed on his/her best and everyone looked stunning! I did my hair at the hairdresser and my makeup myself. I decided to go pretty natural with my makeup. A nice smokey eye and I kept the rest very natural because I didn't wanna look like a doll or something. Please click read more to see some more pictures of my hair, outfit and friends.

Vintage dresses Persunmall AU

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I hope you all had a nice weekend? I am so happy that my exams are over right now... I can only think about prom today! Tomorrow I will go to prom (of course I will post some pictures afterwards of my hair, makeup and outfit) and I am so excited! I literally can not wait anymore. In my school it's always a tradition to turn up in an original way. We go by bike, by bus, scooters, limousines and those kind of original representations. Of course I had to find a very original way to turn up and I thought firstly about a golf car... but it just wasn't IT. I thought it would be a little bit small for 10 persons, so I came up with a different idea. I thought it would be so nice to turn up in a huge Dakar truck. I mean, who turns up in that? Yup, me!

To get you into the mood, I will write this whole post prom-themed. That means, tons of nice dresses (did I just see persunmall again?) and inspiration. I hope you enjoy!

American Apparel || Wishlist

Since it was a long time that I visited the shop American Apparel online, I thought it would be time to take a look. I found many new items which are totally fitting to my style and I thought it would be nice to share it with you :)

On the picture above you can see 2 pairs of amazing shorts. I love the colors on both of them so they are on top of my wishlist! Than a comfy and casual overall is so cute for summer and you can wear it with a nice top under it. Finally those three skirts are so adorable! I don't own a long skirt yet, but I'm searching for one and this coral skirt totally fit's my style!
I'm also looking for a nice summer dress with a lot of colors or a nice flower pattern on it. I love these three dresses because the pattern is so nice and I really like their fitting. Of course you want to wear a nice pair of earrings with them and those shoes totally finish of the look.

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
On this page I show you a couple of my favorite accessories from American Apparel. I love bows so much for summer because they are so cute and those nail colors are very summer-ish. I found out American Apparel has a makeup line and a perfume now as well so I would love to test it! Finally this amazing bag stole my heart and this little makeup bag will be perfect for traveling!

What is your favorite item of American Apparel? Let me know!

Something else

This time I will post a different post than you are used to from me. It's a nice discussion post and I hope you will be discussing below what you think. I got a picture with 4 trends for this summer.

1. Lace.
2. Cropped tops.
3. Flower print.
4. Bows (especially in your hair).

My question is: which one is your favorite for this summer?

P.s. outfit posts are coming soon!

I can help you!

| 1 | 2 |
Hey guys! In this post I will give you some tips on finding your perfect summer dress in only one shop. For this little tutorial I will use the dresses of Persunmall. It's a great shop which I discovered a while ago and they sell beautiful garments, it's worth checking it out. 

The first thing you will want to consider, is if you want to buy a long or a short dress. For summer I always prefer short dresses since they are easy to wear up and down. Also, when it's really hot outside you will want to consider buying a short dress. The best thing you can do to prepare your wardrobe for summer is to take a short and a long dress, but what if you can only afford to buy one dress? Think about it. Longer dresses are great if you have a very pale skin (like me) and the sun burns your whole skin red all the time. It protects your legs against the hot sun and you look fashionable!

If you have chosen your dress you will want to think about how you want it to look. Do you want a skinny dress or a more flared dress? Number one (down) is really flared and has a some beautiful lace details at the bottom. I love lace for summer! But when you go to a party you don't want to wear such a dress. For chic occasions something like dress 2 will be perfect. It's black, you will look thinner and it has an adorable pattern on it. You can also look at it differently. Dress 3, for example, has long sleeves which will be nice for the evening. By the way, flower patterns will be a trend this summer so you must check out number 5 and 6 as well. Short dresses are perfect for the beach since you can stand in the sea with your legs, you can easily transform in a bikini and  it doesn't get dirty because of the sand that easily.

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

If I should choose one dress of all of these above, I would choose 6 for the beach and number 2 or 3 for the evening. And you, in which dress would you like to rock your summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Get ready with me for the queensday fair!

Hey guys, it has already been half a month ago since it was queensday and I thought it would be nice to publish my 'get ready with me' video which I filmed that day (April 30). I went to the fair with a couple of friends and even though there weren't many special attractions, we had a fun time. It's not about the attractions, the money, how much things you can do, but with who you spend it.

In this video you will be getting ready with me for the fair and I'm wearing an orange shirt in a fashionable way :) I hope you like the video, I would like to hear you opinions!

Love, Anna

Scents of Beauty App Release

Scents of Beauty recently released their new iPad app and I love it so much! You can visit the app link here. You can also just search in your App store. I actually already liked Scents of Beauty before, but this app shows some extras which are not on their site which is really cool.
What is Scents of Beauty?
Scents of Beauty is an online web shop which sells mainly perfumes, but also lots of other beauty products. I really like it that they show the regular price and than the price they offer. This way you can see exactly how much sale you get when you buy it at their shop. They have always sale, every time on different products.

For example the Armani Acqua di gio (100 ml) is right now €24,35 cheaper than it's in the shops. Amazing, right? I smelled this perfume in the last Teen Vogue and it's amazing! It's really fresh and I love it so much! I do not have an expensive perfume like this one and I thought about buying one for a very long time. They last so much longer than the cheap and fake ones and I looooove the smell! Do you think I should buy this perfume?

The App
So, Scents of Beauty released an app. I had a little interview with the creators of the app. They said they made the app because they want to show their products and give their clients more information about the products and promotions they offer. They really focused on putting their products in the spotlight and if you visit the app, you will find promotions which are not on their web shop.

I checked out the app and I really like the layout of it. Below you can see a few screenshots of the app.


The app is build up like a magazine and you can browse through it. It looks really nice and the layout is so pretty!

What do you think of the iPad app and are you going to download it? You can find the app by clicking HERE.You can also type this in the App Store: Scents of Beauty

YOU are beautiful ♥

We, as women, always are really critical to ourselves and the way we look. When I look in the mirror I only see my acne skin with a lot of imperfections. I start comparing myself to other people, mainly beautiful models, who are way prettier than me. This video changed my life.

This little video, made by the Dove company, is about beauty. Women describe themselves to a foreign FBI forensic artist. Than a total stranger describes the same women and the forensic artist draws both stories. The face, how the women described herself and the face as described by a total stranger. In the end you see that the drawing which is described by the stranger, looks almost similar to the real women. The self-image of the women herself is way worse than reality.

You could conclude from this video that we are way more beautiful than we think we are. You must be proud about yourself and stop comparing yourself to others because YOU are beautiful. Please remember. The next time you get a compliment, make sure to believe and accept the compliment.

Thank you for watching and reading.

Cute mothers day present

This mothers day (last-minute) gift idea is very easy and looks so cute. It takes only 20 minutes and you have something really adorable. Of course you can also use this little DIY to surprise your mom and thank her for everything she does during the whole year ;-)

Probably you already have these things at home, which makes it so handy!

What do you need?
- Different ribbons
- 2 red papers (by preference: hobby cartons)
- 1 patterned paper
- 1 light pink paper
- glue gun + glue
- tin foil
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Marker (I used purple)

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Stylight ♥

Hey guys! Today I would love to do a little review about one of my favorite fashion sites: Stylight. It's a site where you can create fashion boards. In these boards you can add photos, texts, inspiration pictures, garments, videos and music. I think this is so cool! Stylight has an outstanding library full of amazing garments which are already found by other fashionista's. Click read more for a real Stylight-tour :)

Dutch people, click HERE for the link :)

Instadairy #3

001 We are the basketball champions so we took a shower with champagne and our competition clothes on! 002 I am so happy with my new running shoes. 003 I won this really cool bag from Cosmogirl. 004 Me and my sister in the car to visit the family. 005 With my lovely niece. 006 I went shopping with my mother a few weeks ago and bought these things. 007 Wearing my new allstars :) 008 Me and my friend shopping. 009 My new pyjames, I loooove these shorts with stars so much. They are just too cute.

010 Wearing an orange hat on Queensday. 011 A random selfy before English IB exams. 012 Me and my friend shopping in Amsterdam and at the Primark. It was so much fun! 013 Wearing my 'I never liked you anyway' top and studded shorts for my new video which is comming up soon!

Always wear your sunshine || OUTFIT

Today was a very warm day and I had to learn for my exams unfortunately. Luckily I found some spare time in the afternoon to film a video and take a few pictures. Finally the shorts-weather returned (where was he?) and I could wear some shorts! I love shorts so much :) I hope you like these outfit pictures and make sure to leave a comment if you like the photos.

Khloe Kardashian's hair, makeup and outfit || TUTORIAL

Hey guys! Today I have a new video for you guys :) It's a collaboration video with GlamWithNis and I'm creating the look of Khloe Kardashian and she will do the look of Kim. I hope you like the tutorial! Below you can see the picture of the looks we create :)

My tutorial is about how to create this look of Khloe Kardashian. I'm going to show you how to do her makeup hair and I try to 'copy' her outfit. For the outfit I'm using a pair of Pieces slippers, Replay Jeans, WE Vest, Superstar Top and  Bulaggi Bag. The nail polish I wear is in the color Fiji from Essie.

The tutorial of GlamWithNis is on this look of Kim Kardashian. I think she did a really good job! She focusses on the hair and makeup.

My new love

Hi Guys, How are you all doing today? I hope the weather in your country is just as nice as it's here. Which means: sun's arrived and the flowers are (finally) growing. I have the real spring feeling right now which is awesome.

In this post I will show you two adorable web shops I recently discovered: Persunmall and the other Persunmall web shop. They sell the most gorgeous stuff out there. If you like you can check it out by clicking on the links or read more for more!