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Hello everyone! How are you doing? I hope you all had a nice weekend? I am so happy that my exams are over right now... I can only think about prom today! Tomorrow I will go to prom (of course I will post some pictures afterwards of my hair, makeup and outfit) and I am so excited! I literally can not wait anymore. In my school it's always a tradition to turn up in an original way. We go by bike, by bus, scooters, limousines and those kind of original representations. Of course I had to find a very original way to turn up and I thought firstly about a golf car... but it just wasn't IT. I thought it would be a little bit small for 10 persons, so I came up with a different idea. I thought it would be so nice to turn up in a huge Dakar truck. I mean, who turns up in that? Yup, me!

To get you into the mood, I will write this whole post prom-themed. That means, tons of nice dresses (did I just see persunmall again?) and inspiration. I hope you enjoy!

So today I would like to show you some vintage formal dresses (long-sleeve) since I showed you mostly short dresses in the previous prom-post. I bought a short dress for my prom, but I find myself falling in love with long dresses more and more and more. Persunmall has a some great vintage formal dresses which would be perfect for prom. So,... if you didn't find your dress yet...

By the way.. persunmall has a huge sale on prom dresses right now so you might find that interesting. Their prom dresses are really affordable and look amazing. It's actually like a two-in-one :)

What I also adore about Persunmall's dresses, is that each dress is so unique and I wouldn't find such dresses easily in my neighborhood. They have the most different models and dresses with and without details. I, personally, believe dresses with details on top and a normal skirt are really really beautiful. I guarantee that all the dresses below are so so beautiful and it's definitely worth looking on their shop! 

These dresses remind me of princesses and goddess of beautiful countries with a lot of jewelry. I don't know but, especially the dress on the right, is so Egyptian-like. I also really really love the details on top of those dresses and I think you can never go wrong with a pop of color. You can be the prom queen as long as you believe in it. 

Let's describe what I love about these dresses separately. I haven't seen them together on Persunmall, but I did see them apart and they attracted my attention, why? I guess it's that the red dress is really eye-catching. When you see that dress you think: WOW. The pink dress is also beautiful in it's own way. I love how it looks girly, cute and chic at the same time. As you might now, I am also a huge fan of the glitters on the top part ;-) Finally I had seen this yellow dress already but in another color another time. I love this dress every time I see it again. The models look perfect and really tall in that dress and I truly believe the top part with the huge statement necklace around the neck is amazing!

When you will be going for a white long dress you will want to choose such dresses. I love the sophisticated details on the top part of these dresses and how it flows out in a more natural skirt. I think those dresses are of a pretty good price as well as a good quality. My prom dress this year is white as well, I know it gets dirty more easily than black. I just think black is so normal. I don't want to have the same dress as everybody else. I want to represent myself on prom. That's what I will do. If you dare, go for white cause it's totally beautiful!

I don't know why, but I just fall for white dresses in some way. I don't want my dress to look like I'm going to marry or something, I just want my dress to look beautiful. All of us do. That's why we are girls. In this time I just love to choose a dress with a nice pastel or light color, like white!

Did the blue sea just pass me by? O gosh... I love these bright blue dresses! They give me the feeling of the sea but also of the perfect prom. Especially the first two dresses just blew me away! I love it when models are photographed like that, with that huge dress all around her. I also really really like it ( like you could read and see before) when dresses have glitters on them. I  just fall in love with those amazing dresses with glitters on the top part. 

If I would have to choose between all the dresses above, my absolute favorites would be Egypt Yellow and Sea crushing all over me. I called these dresses those names because they remind me of something and they seem to tell a story. The Egyptian dress (how I call it) is so beautiful with the details on top and I just love the way it looks. One of my favorite colors is blue and the pastel blue color of Sea curshing all over me is soo beautiful. I also love that it has a different twist on it with the one shoulder and the beautiful glitter/lace details on top. Another favorite would be dark goddess because it has kind of an ombre effect. Eventhough I love all the dresses above, my alltime favorite will be Sea crushing all over me. Congratz dress. What would be your top-three of the Persunmall AU dresses?

Did you go to prom this year? Please mail me the pictures of your dress ( and maybe you will be on my blog with a little interview!

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  1. I really like the blue ones :) I'm now following your blog xx

  2. Ik zit pas in het eerste leerjaar, voor mij duurt het nog wel even vorodat ik PROMjruken kan uitkiezen xD

  3. Ik hou van prom jurken!! Vind het ook altijd geweldig om in series zoveel mooie jurken te zien

  4. Oh, I hope you had a great time at the prom! i loved the dresses! I guess the prom was really great and I am looking forward to reading the post about it!

  5. You're so cute :) Love the detailing on the dress

    Ruth x


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