4 Glasses 4 Styles

By now all of you are used to me wearing glasses. Recently I visited a press agency and they asked me if I would like to borrow some Specsavers glasses and of course I couldn't resist saying no. Like this I got to borrow 4 different pairs from Max & Co, Karl Lagerfeld and Spijkers & Spijkers. With these glasses I will show you four different styles/atmospheres. Of course there are many ways to rock your glasses, but here are some of my tips!

P.s. Don't forget to vote for me as the Specsavers 'blogger with glasses of 2015'! You can vote every day and you will make me very happy! This is my candidate page!


Recently I'm literally obsessed with basic white outfits, they just really remind of me of summer! I am so pumped about summer and I can't wait for the long summer holiday. To help you get into your summer mood, I decided it would be nice to show you some nice basic summer fashion inspirations, starting with the one above. Are you summer-proof already? Or do you still need to do some shopping?

My Sneaker Collection

Shoes. I can't have enough of them. I love creating outfits based on the shoes I"m wearing. Especially when the shoes have a very bright color like my Nike Roshe Run Flyknits. The sneakers above are my most recent purchases. I thought it would be really nice if I could show you my entire sneaker collection, including my sports shoes, so that's what I will be doing in this post!

So My Life #1

I've tried to keep up with some personal posts over time, but it turns out to be so hard to be consistent with this. So instead of any 'monthly favorites' or 'instadiary' I decided to start a new topic called 'So My Life' in which I will chat to you about my personal life! I take photos a lot, so that shouldn't be the problem. Today I will tell you some highlights of the past two months!

Spotify Headphones || NEW IN

I was certainly in need for some good headphones and that's why I was more than happy when I got these Spotify headphones today! I couldn't wait to try them out so I immediately took some shots for this post and believe me the sound was amazing! They are all black and just have some green details according to their logo. I'm in love with the sound experience and they look pretty cool as well!

DIY Festival Floral Cat Ears

Have you guys seen all the Coachella pictures and videos? It’s making me so jealous! Visiting Coachella is one of the things on my bucket list. The whole vibe, all the performances and also the outfits always look so great. Besides Coachella there are so many other cool festivals. When I think of a festival outfit, I think of a Bohemian style. Lots of fringe, crop tops, shorts and flowers. The flower crown is super cute but today I have an alternative on that: Floral cat ears! 

Pharrell x Adidas Superstar

One of the greatest stars aka Pharrell Williams, who has 6.28 million followers on Twitter, teamed up with Adidas for a new superstar collection. This collection is already available in shops and I’ve also already seen many people wearing these shoes. They are also trending in the blogger-world since bloggers like Chiara Ferragni are wearing them. I really like the diversity of colors because now not everyone will be wearing the same shoes. Well.. the shoes are the same, but they have their own unique color which is totally fine if you ask me.  

Jetset Watch || NEW IN

Thanks to Lucardi I discovered the new addiction collection Jetset watches. There are tons of colors and variants including a choice between copper and metal details. I'm so in love with all the colors and I received this pretty pastel blue color a couple of days ago. The regular price of this watch is €49,99 but right now it's on sale for €19,99! This is a huge discount and if you keep in mind the quality I think it's the perfect deal for a new summer watch! Click read more to see more pictures of this adorable watch and a nice quote!

Bean Boozled Challenge Gone Wrong Featuring Lisa

So one day Lisa and I decided we would torture ourselves and do the bean boozled challenge. Well.. see the results for yourself! It was a lot of fun to film this video though and we also recorded another video for a new series about which I will tell you more later. Also don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see my new videos even before I post about them on this blog!



As you all know by now, I'm always wearing glasses! It's because I need prescription glasses of course, but also because I eventually saw them as a real fashion piece and they have grown to be a part of who I am today. This is why I'm joining the Specsavers 'blogger wearing glasses of 2015' awards. I already got some votes, but I need more to actually win and you will be able to help me with that! Of course you don't have to vote for me if you think I'm not worth it, but if you like how I always style my glasses: please do! Winning is very important to me because it will show that people value the fashion purpose of glasses, but I also get to go to Paris during Paris Fashion week with someone! This would be like a dream come true! You can vote again every day until May 18 and you would make me very happy! Xoxo

Classy Hat || OUTFIT

Today I decided to show you an outfit featuring items I recently bought. I got this hat a week ago and I just love to create outfits with hats. Also I really like the color combination with lighter colors. This white blazer, for example, is my go to summer item aka must-have. It will make almost any light-colored outfit look stylish. Then what I like about my new pants? Well.. they make my legs look longer! And my shoes are just the bomb. Check it out by hitting the read more button!

I Designed A Dress For School

For our final art project at school we had to choose two out of six projects and do them. I immediately picked the fashion design task, without thinking any further. Believe me, it was so much fun to do, but I can't sew, we don't have a sewing machine at home and my grandmother lives on the complete opposite side of our country. So I had to figure that out. I sew an elastic using the zigzag technique on the inside of the skirt by hand, which was the most difficult thing ever. I made some sort of corset from nettings and covered it up with tin foil. I made a skirt on top of the pink one with iron wire and wadding. Luckily it turned out pretty okay. Even though I had many great other plans with the skirt which kind of failed :D

Thick Curly Dry Hair Guide

Yup. I'm definitely one of these people with terrible hair. I didn't dare to wear my hair loose for years, but once I knew how to treat it right, it has improved so much that I'm now even confident wearing my hair loose. Of course I still have these bad hair days, but not even close as many as before. My hair is thick, curly and dry and I'm sure there are others with the same hair problems as me, so I thought it would be nice if I could help at least some of you out by sharing my experiences with this. Let's get started!

Feathers || OUTFIT

Hi guys! I recently wrote about my spring essentials and about how excited I am for spring. Unfortunately the weather isn’t great, so I have to wait with wearing my spring outfits. I seriously can’t wait to wear my converse shoes, white jeans and denim jackets.. This jacket I wore kinda reminds me of Spring though, the color is really cute as well as the print. I took these pictures in an incredibly beautiful building, it’s so clean and minimalistic. You can’t see it on these pictures, but I was on the 11th floor which was quite scary! Let’s have a look at my outfit.

Nike Roshe Run Flyknit || NEW IN

It's already a while ago since I received a gift card from Zalando. A few days ago I finally decided to use it. I already had my eyes on these pink Nike Roshe Run Flyknits for a while, but never actually tried them on nor ordered them. I decided I would give it a shot and I've never felt better: they are perfect. They are even prettier than I thought they would be and I think these will be my biggest must-have this summer. Hit the read more button for some more eye candy photos of these shoes!