Birthday :)

Hello my friends!

Yesterday (25th of February) was my birthday. I became 15. We were still on our holiday in Zwitserland (skiing). We went skiing untill something like 1:15 PM and then we went back to our hotel in Zermatt. It was a very nice holiday but this day we had to go home again :(

All the roads were closed because of the many many avalanches and the train didn't ride so we went to the airport by helicopter. It was so cool! It was the first time for me and the take off was very spectacular. I liked it very much and the pilot became half crazy because of us talking so much (we all got a set of headphones with talking part), so he switched to another channel.

When we went into the plane half an hour later, I received a birtday card from Netjets which was very nice! I also got a very nice cake. I really felt that it was my birthday at that moment XD

Unfortunatly, I couldn't eat it. I am still holding on to that €1000 if I don't eat candy for a year. Right now this cake is in the refrigerator. Maybe I can try to arrange that I can have a piece as a desert... But still, I really think this is very kind of this airline! Thank you Netjets!

Hippe Hebbedingetjes

Lovely friends,

I ordered for the first time something on this site:
They really really did a very good job!
I ordered a cup cake soap, air freshener and a lip smacker. I like them all. But only the soap isn't very handy with the washing. But it all looks very cute.
I only had a little problem with the service. But when I told the owner of the shop about it. She directly sended me a new one (the other one I didn't achieve). I really did appreciate that!
It's very nice, very cheap and if you deliver something before monday you even get free delivering (only when you live in the netherlands). They have lots of good, cool and fun stuff on their website. This shop really does honor to it's name. Next time I will really buy something again because it's sooo good and cheap!
So if you have any spare time, check out this site!

This is the box how it's delivered.  It's really felt like a present!

Lovely postcard!

Hello my friends!

At the beginning of this month I received a postcard from Nicole. She is a blogger too and this is her blog;
I joined her postcard project and I liked her card very much!

I received this all from her! Also the false eye lashes. I like them very much so thank you Nicole!

This card is a self made card so very unique. I like the card very much. The sentence: carpe diem means seize the day. In her letter she wrote that she wanted everyone to enjoy every day ♥

I also got some very beautifull false eye lashes, I like!

This was her letter to me. She wrote it herself. She also says: thanks for joining my project.

I gave the card a nice place on my wall (:
Thanks for reading and mostly: thank you nicole!

Free piano sheet music!

Dear readers, I'm not posting a lot at the moment. It's because I'm too busy with school and other things such as: playing the piano (in 1 month I have exams), the project Zambia, filming, writing film scripts, taking pictures and right now I'm posting. 

One of the things I mentioned was playing the piano. I like it very much and probably some of you to. I have sorted out some nice songs for you and I give you the link to free sheet music for free!
Click read more if you are interested :-)

Street style

Hello my friends,

Today I went to school. Everything went fine and I could even leave an hour earlier then expected! Thanks to my french teacher :) Now, I've thought of something. I was searching on the internet for some inspiration to write about when I suddenly saw an advertisement of pictures where people were showing their style. I like it very much to see the style of other people too and I got some inspiration out of it.

I've thought out something for you. It will help your blog becoming more famous. Curious how it works? Read more!