Nail art #2

I'm sorry I didn't post anything last few weeks. But this is my second nail-art-post. I like nail polish and nail art and marble nails. I will explain about the last one later. Today I'll show you something I made on my nails. I will also explain how to make it.

I've had a problem with putting pictures on my computer, but now i've got the pictures.
This is what you need:
- Basecoat
- Nail polish light green like sea green.
- Thin nail art nail polish purple with glitter.
- Blue nail polish.
- Top coat (longlasting).

This is how to do it. 
- Paint your nalis with your basecoat. Do you not have a basecoat? Then do 2 times the next part. Let it dry.
- When your basecoat is dry paint the green nail polish on top of your basecoat. Let it dry.
- Make a horizontal line with our nail art purple nail polish. Then a vertical line on top of it. Let it dry.
- Make a dot with your blue nail polish where the horizontal and the vertical line pass eachother. 
- When it's dry you can finish your nail with a topcoat.

The basecoat and the topcoat make sure your nail art will be good for a longer time. If it's just for one day you can skip the basecoat. The topcoat makes your nail shining so it's always nice even when it's just for  a day.