Getting famous in seconds

Hello everyone!
I thought it would be nice if I can do a few street style posts. In which you can send in a photo of your style. I will put it on my blog, if you want to you can mention your blog too. Show your style to this world, and promote your blog too!

How to join?
- Take some pictures of you wearing your favourite clothes and take a picture of your favourite garmend.
- Mail your street style picture to:
- Answer the following questions:
  • Introduce yourself
  • What is your favourite garmend?
  • Describe your style.
  • Who's your style icon?
  • Which colours of clothing do you like? (bright, dark, soft)
- If you have a blog, feel free to mention it!

That's all! So, take your photo camera and start shooting! Mail me and be on my blog!


Hey everyone! Fall has just started and I'm already into the knitwear. After school, I totally love to sit down on the coutch with a cup of tea and a knitted sweather. I also think, depending on how you wear it, knitwear is fashionable. They look so warm (they are warm) and comfy. They look vintage and casual, what do you want more? You can also buy a more girly knitted sweather. Click read more for knitted inspiration pictures and knitwear I love. Please tell me if you like knitwear and what you like about it.

Schoolgirl || OUTFIT


First I would like to say thank you for all your support. My blog has 647 followers and you leave a lot of nice comments. Thay make me feel so good! Keep going guys, blogging feels so good because of you. I love you, you are amazing! 

Today I have an outfit post for you. I am wearing my vintage H&M skirt and collar shirt. My friend thought it looked like I borrowed this skirt from my grandmother. Maybe it does look like that, but I like it. Do you like my skirt? Please drop me a comment and let me know.

London fashion week

Tata Naka
We girls are born for fashion weeks, who doesn't like to join one? In January there is a fashion week in the capital city of my country: Amsterdam. I would love to visit this fashion week. Hopefully I can... Is there, or has been there any fashion week in your country? Did you ever visit one? I am so curious how it is like. When you have joined a fashion week, please fill in the contact form above: I would love to ask you some questions!

I am totally in love with the London style so when I heard of the London Fashion Week I was so excited! I took a look at immediately where I found a designer called Tata Naka. I love every single designer piece of that collection. It's ready to wear (again, I'm sorry), but so lovely! I also would like to show the amazing collections from Ashish and Louise Amstrup.

Style crush Olivia Palermo

 Hey guys! Today I have something special I would like to share with you. I have a huge style crush on Olivia Palermo. She is always dressed up so well and I think the is very pretty. Her style is classy and timeless. I totally adore her dresses, skirts and heels. She has also some very cute vests and knitwear. I have a lot of pictures of her style for you, she has such a good fashion feeling! In the end I have a little video of her where she's doing a cover shoot. I hope you enjoy!

Funny letter shirt

Shirt: vivi-clothes.
Today the sun is shining and I really love it! I felt much better again (I was ill for the past 3 days, unfortunately). I planned to show this lovely shirt and these cute bear earrings to you some days ago, but I felt it was better to show you when I would feel better. I received this lovely shirt and earrings from vivi-clothes and I would like to thank them for that. This shirt is so comfy and the earrings weigh nothing, this means you barely feel them! I wear some self made bracelets and some bracelets I bought in sale in a shop in our neighbourhood (and my ice watch of course ;-)). What do you think of my outfit?

Vandaag scheen de zon weer en dat vind ik zo fijn! Ik voelde me meteen weer een stuk beter (ik was de afgelopen 3 dagen ziek thuis jammer genoeg). Ik wilde jullie deze schattige beertjes oorbellen en dit superleuke shirt al eerder laten zien (ik kon niet wachten!), maar ik dacht dat het beter was om dat uit te stellen totdat ik me weer wat beter zou voelen. Ik hou echt superveel van deze oorbellen en dit shirt van vivi-clothes. Bedankt vivi-clothes! Dit shirt zit echt heel comfortabel en de oorbellen zijn super licht (geen zware oorbellen = amper voelen = superfijn!). Een paar armbanden heb ik zelf gemaakt en de andere heb ik in de aanbieding gekocht (en ik draag mijn ice watch as you can see ;-)). Wat vinden jullie van mijn outfit?

Milan Fashion Week

Gucci couture

I watched some shows of the Milan fashion week on and I think a lot of the shows are very good. The shows are already for Spring/Summer 2013 but I love a lot of the items. Gucci has a ready to wear show and I would definatly wear these things. Unfortunately they are out of my budget.. I also fell in love with some of the items of Alberta Ferretti and Francesco Scognamiglio.

In a few weeks my gift from arrives, I'm so happy to receive something from their shop. Curious what I will receive? See it here

Click read more to see my favourites from these fashion shows!

My own inspiration pictures

Oasap zebra necklace
Hello everyone!
Today I have a coupon code from Oasap for you. You can use it up and untill December 31th 2012, on all garments :D If you type movieanne you will get 25% off! That´s a huge discount, isn´t it? You can save a lot of money! I also shot my very own love inspiration pictures this time. What do you think?

I would like to ask you something. Would you like if I write on this blog in future times in English and in Dutch? I will try it with this post. So please, if you mind, leave a comment.

Hallo allemaal!
Vandaag heb ik een kortings code voor jullie die je kunt besteden op Oasap. Je kunt de code gebruiken tot en met 31 december 2012 en hij is geldig op alle kleding op hun site! Dit is de code: movieanne. Je krijgt maarliefst 25% korting! Dat bespaard je een hoop geld! Ik heb ook mijn eigen love inspiratie foto´s gemaakt. Wat vinden jullie ervan?

Ik zou jullie graat wat willen vragen. Zouden jullie het leuk vinden als ik voortaan in het Engels en in het Nederlands blog? Deze post test ik het, laat je mening achter als je voor of tegen bent.

Contest on polyvore

Do you love creating polyvore sets? I do, you can create such unique and creative collages with it! It's very handy. This is one of my creations on polyvore. There is a Polyvore contest right now. You can join it here. It ends at September 27th. I already handed in my polyvore set. You can win a garment of your choice from Oasap. What a great opportunity! If I would win, I would chose this fantastic preppy bag or this good looking shirt. What would you choose from Please leave a comment below, I'm so curious!

Don't forget the fave dress give away from montaffair, only 2 winners left!.

Inspiration and Kenzaa


Remember this post? I was wearing my sponsored black classic skirt from Kenzaa. Guess what? Now you can buy it in their webshop for only €9,95! My pictures are on their site. You can find it here. Don't you love it? Today I show you some inspiration pictures. I hope you like them :D

BTW: I have 599 followers! Who is the 600th?

Take me to Africa || OUTFIT

Today I wear my new tie-dye shirt and skinny jeans from The Sting with my boots from dolcis and my jewelry from Africa. I love it there so much! This necklace we bought from the Maasai a couple of years ago. We had such a great time! I love the colors of this outfit very much. I also tried something new. Yesterday I bought a hair donut in Arnhem. I've always wanted one and I'm so happy to have my hands on them right now. What do you think?

Shop tips Vivi Clothes

Romantic Paris Eiffel Tower Print T-shirt
Buy this shirt here
Vivi clothes is an online webshop full of very cute clothes. The style is japanese, girly and chique. You can buy almost everything in their webshop. Shirts, leggins, shoes, bags, glasses, scarfs... say it and they have it! Everything is in a good quality/price ratio. I love their webshop so much! They have even fake fur collars! Click read more to see the most girly and cute heels I've ever seen and my wishlist from their webshop. Enjoy!

Fall's comming || OUTFIT

Today I'm wearing my most lovely skirt from kenzaa. I love this skirt because you can combine it to anything you want. It's important to have a skirt like this one in your wardrobe. I'm so happy :-) Kenzaa has lots of more fashionable clothing. They have the most adorable knitted vest, a blazer with laces and a cardigan with lace shoulders! When I visit their webshop I want to buy everything because of the amazing prices and good quality. What do you think of their shop?

DIY || Vintage Polaroids

Do you guys love the vintage effect on photos and these old-looking polaroids? Than this is your DIY. Click read more to see how to do it. 

Hair || Perfect curls

Hair. Some people just seem to have the perfect hair. I don't. When you ask me, I will say I have a bad hair day everyday. Me and my hair get into a fight everyday. My hair is curly, but not enough to be proud about. It looks dry and not so good. That's why I surfed the internet today in the hope to find some tips. I also asked another blogger how she gets her curls so well. You can use these tips with straight or curly hair. Click read more for a help guide. Succes guaranteed :D


Tassels with Colorful Trim Round Necklace $19.00
Find the details of this necklace here.
OK. I am so totally in love with accessories at the moment and I can't help it. I'm quite obsessed with all these detail things (especially necklaces, rings and bracelets). When I took a look at I found a brand new collection of accessories. It's all with an Indian/cultural style and I totally adore them. They have that casual looking and you feel like a real indian when you see them. They also have a lot of other jewelry which is already there for some time. When you click read more you can see the necklace I own from and my wishlist of jewelry I love. Thanks for reading :D 

Instagram || Overview from this week

Eventhough my computer skills are not brilliant, I figured out how to use Instagram and how to share pictures on it. You might think it's a little bit late, and it is, but my mobile phone couldn't load my pictures before. Probably the internet connection was not good enough, but guys, it works! Now I can share my weekly activity with you :D I really love Instagram btw. You can add such nice effects to your photos which make them look vintage, classy or old. Do you use Instagram?
On the picture above you see all my printed out photos for in my diary. I really like to add photos to my diary because it makes it a lot more personal. Some of my friends had their diaries full of pictures and I totally love it! I also wrote down some quotes (already in holiday) and pasted fashion items I like in there. When you would like to see more pictures I've posted on Instagram, just click read more. My account name is btw movieanne. 

Just another day || Outfit

Just another day in life.

Don't forget to fill in my questionnaire about this blog: 



Today I have some inspiration pictures which inspire me in different ways: things I like, things I want to have, inpiration for things I can make/do myself and things I like to share with you. I hope you enjoy!

Section || Meet the bloggers


Here I am again with my section: meet the bloggers! Today you will read the interview I had with Katie from coeurs de foxes. Her blog is amazing, so much inspiration! I LOVE HER BLOG ♥ I thought this was a great opportunity. She will give you some tips in this interview on how to get a better blog, she tells about what keeps her blogging and more. Thanks Katie!

Chanel couture

 It's only one day I ago that I had seen the full fashion show of Chanel on (I know, I am so late!) and I fell in love with this collection. If you know me, you know that I have quite a casual (and girly) style. This couture is very casual and there is used a lot of whool in the jackets. I know I'm a bit late, but I still need to buy a jacket of whool this fall because I totally adore whoolen jackets :D Further there are a lot of glitter tights in this fall couture. I had (it looked exactly like these) one myself, but that was a couple of years ago.

A remaining thing are the shoes. I think they are very jolly and good looking. I like it when the tip of the shoe is painted into another color like you see in this couture.

Well. This couture is so AWESOME! I love especially this couture because I think every single thing is good looking: the jackets, the shoes, the (glitter) details, the whool etc...

So, click on read more if you want to see more photos.

Trend report || Denim and military

Hey everyone! There are two fast growing trends right now: denim and military trend. That's why I created two sets with these themes. I really adore these tow trends because they are classy and tough looking. I just love everything from the military set! Something else I like is studs on denim. Do you want to see more sets? I hope you like them :-)
Visit my polyvore account: When you go there you can also see where to buy these things. 

Wish list

Hey everyone! This is my wish list! What do you think? Click on it to see a larger view.

Wish list

Patterned legging

Patterned legging

Wedge heels
$98 -

Double finger ring