Style this day!


I took a look on a very nice blog >> lost in wonderland
I found out about a tutorial in which is shown how to draw a realistic eye.

I proceeded pretty well :-)

Here is my result:

Drawn by movieanne
Here is the tutorial:

I've been creative with my stylebook

High heels

Weird collections

A radom post...

I've got sooo many things to tell you, I can't wait!
About, fashion, bff, my deo, new shoes, everything!

Let's start with my new shoes for the winter:

A new bracelet I bought myself

My BFF went to london and she bought me a bracelet. How lovely!? THANKS!!

A few years ago, I was addicted on buying new perfume deo......
I made a page in my stylebook about the beach!!
British flag nail art

British flag nail art.

British flag nail art.
I did some nail art just to try it out about the british flag and it turned out pretty well..
do you want to make it yourself? Here is a picture of the things you need in order of using:
Base coat, dark blue, white, red, transparant top coat. You also need a skewer.
1. Give all your nails a base coat. Let it dry.
2. Make all your nails blue, do this two times if you want it to stay longer.
3. Draw with the white polish a cross on your nails (not too skinny)
4. Draw a thinner cross right through the other cross. And let it dry. (You can use a skewer for that).
5. Color in the white on your nails and leave a thin line behind (from white polish). Let it dry.
6. Use a transparant top coat as a finishing touch!

Now I've got another nail art for you guys! This is the flag from the United States!

You'll need the same as with the British flag, but it has a different order.
1. Give all your nails a basecoat. And let it dry.
2. You can choose to give all your nails the US flag, or just a few. If you choose for a few you color the other nails red or blue. Then you give it a transparant top coat. For the US flag go to the next step.
3. Make with the blue polish a rectangle in the left corner of your nail.
4. With the skewer you can easily make the horizontal stripes on the red part.
5. You can use your skewer again to make some small dots in the blue part of your nail.
6. Now it's time for the transparant top coat for the finishing touch!

Good luck!!