DIY skull shirt || Outfit

Today I wear something new. I found a very nice DIY on youtube. I think THIS is a good video showing how to do this DIY. It's very simple and a good way to recycle a shirt you don't wear anymore :-)

What do you need?
- A pair of scissors
- A pencil to mark where you are going to cut.
- A (black) shirt.

How to do it?
Mark the face of the skull on your shirt.
Cut it out.
Wear it.


Click on read more to see!

Section || Meet the bloggers

Hello people! 

First I would like to remember you of the Kitsch Diva give away (international opened!). You can win €15,- to spend at, the online shop for vintage, retro and kitsch accessories. Visit this link ( to join! 

This is the second time I post in the new section: meet the bloggers. In this section I will interview bloggers of very interesting and inspiring blogs. I did this to give you tips about getting a better blog and seeing things from other perspectives. I hope you enjoy!

This time the lucky one is Sophie Ramaekers. I think her style is lovely. When you find her blog you will look at it everyday. It's so nice! Every time she finds a new way to mix and match some garments. She has a lot of clothes probably. This is the interview. What do you think of her style?

Why (and when?) did you start blogging?
I started myveryownlookbook on may 25 2011. Because I was bored as hell and I was curious what blogging would do to me.

What keeps you blogging?
I love fashion and I love this way to do something with it. And ofcourse all the lovely comments on my posts.

Please describe your style.
I don't have a style with a name I think. I Wear what I want and what I think is nice and beautiful.

Who is/are your style icon(s)?
I  don't have a style icon neither. 


What do you like the most about blogging?
Making pictures and reading the comments after posting them.

Are there any things you don’t like about blogging?
Not really.

Do you have any difficulties with finding new topics to post about? Why or why not?
No, the main subject on my blog is posting outfits. The only problem I have is inspiration. Sometimes I just don't know what to wear.

Is it easy to blog and why?
I think everybody can blog if you blog about something you like. So yes, it is easy. As long as you  know much about the subject you're writing about.

What do you think of your readers?
They're amazing. Without them I wouldn't love blogging as much as I do now.

Where do you blog about?

Who is your target group?
Everybody who loves fashion. 

Are there any people who help you with your blog?
My dad takes the pictures of me.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Do you have sponsors for your blog? Yes, what did they sponsor? No, why not?
Yes. They sponsor give-aways, items to wear in an outfit post. Sometimes I write an advertorial and I am doing some affiliate programs.

What did you do to gain followers?
Comment on other blogs so they maybe visit my blog. And posting my outfits on lookbook, chictopia, girlscene...

Which interesting blogs do you follow and why?
Fashionymousblog because she has a great and cute style,
Saboskirt for pure inspiration and to shop beautiful clothes,
Song of style for the beautiful photos and amazing outfits
The only fashion princess for outfits I can wear in my own country,
and Jennie from the blog for the variety of her posts.

Do you have anything to add to this?
Take a look at my blog; 

Do you want to be in this section? Don't hesitate to mail and say why you must be chosen, I will check out your blog and maybe you are next!

Beat the Monster and inspiration ♥

You can win cash credits every day on Only by sharing! How easy? Just click the link above. You can buy clothes on from these cash credits. Win up to 500$ !

Here are some inspiration pictures:

Give your life a sense of magic.

How many shoes.
I adore these kind of shorts.

Farmland || Outfit

On a field in my neighbourhood they were bussy with hay so there were a couple of huge hay bales on the field. They have been removed already, but me and my sister took this chance to shoot some very nice pictures. Also with my new lomography camera, these pictures you will see later because I have to wait till the roll of film is full of pictures. The temperature is very high these days, it's a little bit muggy. 

Click on read  more to see more pictures*

Outcome give away & new sponsor Lomography

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I've been to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Why? Because I meth a very nice new sponsor: lomography. They sponsored me an analogue photocamera. You might think that's boring, but it's most certainly not dull at all. They have a webshop where they sell all kind of very cute photocamera's (visit HERE). I went to their shop in Amsterdam to meet the people of Lomography. They were very kind and helpfull. When I came into their shop I was offered a cup of tea by a very kind vendor. The shop was looking very nice. They had walls full of vintage looking pictures in all kind of colors (so inspiring!). It was a pleasure to be there. 

When I left the shop I shot some pictures (you will see them later because I want to have the film roll full before I let the film roll set into photos). Here are some pictures of their shop and my new and adorable camera. Another thing which is nice to know: the cameras they sell all have different effects. The camera I was given, makes photos look a little bit vintage, I like!

Walls full of photos. 

They really sell all kind of camera's. It's worth visiting their shop. 

There were also books with a lot of inspiration photos in them. They were really inspiring!

I was offered this photocamera, it looks cute, doesn't it?


Here are a couple of pictures which inspire me a lot.

Sleepover with your best friends, blowing bubbles.

I've always wanted this long hair

Love this simple bag

New header

Say hello to my new header everyone! In the questionnaire was a lay out question. Someone mentioned that it was maybe a good idea to make my header more personal. I want to make the best blog for you so I tried and I am very happy with the result! First I made another header but I think that one is not really good, this one I really love. I hope you like this brand new header too.

Btw, I still hope some more people will fill in the questionnaire. I would like to get some (anonymous) feedback about my blog so I can improve my blog for all of you. The questionnaire is only 9 questions long so it doesn't take you a lot of time. Thank you so much! You can fill the questionnaire in over HERE. (If it doesn't work copy and paste this link into your URL machine: )

This is the other header I created,

After you have seen both, which header do you like the most? 

Section || Meet the bloggers

Hello people! Today I start a new section: meet the bloggers. In this section I will interview bloggers of very interesting and inspiring blogs. I did this to give you tips about getting a better blog and seeing things from other perspectives. I hope you enjoy!

This time the lucky one is Bessana Blue. She loves fashion and dresses differently from the others. She has developed her own style and I adore it! It's so colorfull! Her blog is also very good and well thought out. I was curious about her opinion on fashion and how she got such a nice blog. This is the interview. What do you think of her style?
Please introduce yourself.
My name is Bessana Blue, I’m a fashion passionate and blogger from The Fangle Jungle ( I’m a strange dreamer addicted to writing, reading, music, fashion, chewing gum and chocolate M&Ms.

Why (and when?) did you start blogging?
I started blogging 30.03.12, almost four months ago. I decided to run my own blog because of my style, which stood out among grey and boring streets. My friends used to say, that I have got a very personal way of dressing, and in the end of 2011 one of my colleagues said “You know what? You should have a fashion blog!” I wasn’t sure about this, but one day I thought “Why not? I want do to this, and I have to stop saying ‘Maybe tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow’.  So… I just did it J

What keeps you blogging?
I think that the most important things, that keeps me blogging are reactions from my readers. I see that someone likes my outfit, and it makes me super happy when I see my efforts are appreciated by someone ;)

 Please describe your style.
My style is quirky and unusual. I love colors and crazy things, jewelry and beautiful details. But I also appreciate classics like black&white and minimalism, I’m wearing them seldom, but they’re also great. Anyhow, I feel best in juicy colors and crazy sets, I get used to people’s shocked gazes ;)

Who is/are your style icon(s)?
My style icons are Anna Dello Russo and Coco Chanel. I know, they are as heaven and earth. I really like every single Anna’s look and her amazing fashion sense. As I said, I love colors and crazy stuff, and she totally rocks it! I admire Chanel, because she dominated fashion, and had a great, although classic style.

How does your blog make progress?
I try to do my best all the time. I really care of quality and frequency of posting and I improve it every day ;) I try to develop my passion and make it interesting to my readers.

What do you like the most about blogging?
Blogging is a chance to  share my passion and meet new people J Sharing my passion makes it even better! I’d like to do someone associated with fashion in future, so I enjoy dealing with this. I also found a lot of blogs led by amazing people, it is really inspiring!

Are there any things you don’t like about blogging?
Honestly…? No!  It is my escape from daily problems and it makes me smile even more!

Do you have any difficulties with finding new topics to post about? Why or why not?
I think that I don’t. The biggest part of my posts are my outfits, which are sets I wear daily basics, they are not artificially created for photo shoots ;) Other posts usually express what’s on my mind J

Is it easy to blog and why?
It’s hard to say…  I devote my free time to blogging, but it became my hobby, and even if sometimes it is hard to take good pics or write something good, I don’t mind ;) One thing I am sure about this: time consuming, but worth it J

What do you think of your readers?
They’re the best readers ever!!! I will say it like that: my blog is a car, I’m an engine, and they’re the best fuel ever! I really appreciate them, especially loyal readers, who often let me know about their opinion J

What do you blog about?
After all these questions it’s obvious, but I can say it million times: fashion <3

Who is your target group?
Everyone! I’m from Poland, but my readers are from around the world and I think it is great! I blog from people from anywhere and at any age J

Are there any people who help you with your blog?
Yes! I get much help from my best friend, she is the my main photographer under the pseudonym Mowa-Zee J My mom is also taking pics of me, and one of my friends recently said that she can also help me. I think it would be tough without them ;)

Do you have sponsors for your blog? Yes, what did they sponsor? No, why not?
For now no, because I decide to expaned my blog and make it really good before having sponsors. But maybe I’ll look for some collaborations soon, who knows?

What did you do to gain followers?
I visited and commented on lot of blogs, I also asked people if they want to follow each other, but I have a rule: I’m asking about that people, whose blogs I really liked and I just want to keep in touch with them J

Which interesting blogs do you follow and why?
Every blog which I follow is interesting and special <3 My favourite blog from more popular ones is Macademian Girl’s blog ( She is one of my biggest inspirations. I really like one of pretty new blogs, Photographic Sense (

Do you have anything to add to this?
Yes. After few months of blogging, despite my earlier concerns about this, I really loved this, so here is my advice: If you want to do something, stop putting it on tomorrow. It can be fun, but you have to find it out by yourself.

Do you want to be in this section? Don't hesitate to mail and say why you must be chosen, I will check out your blog and maybe you are next!

Love Clothing

Hello everyone! Today I created a kind of wishlist with things only from It's a very nice webshop with the latest fashion, vintage items, sunglasses, jewelry, bags, shorts, dresses and more. From chique to cute, from bohemian to vintage. That's why you can find almost every style in their shop. Amazing, right?! It doesn't matter what but everything has the "I want this" feeling. In the picture above you see some items from their site I really like. I have put the prices with them. I really love the shape of the sunglasses, the cute earrings and the chique but vintage looking bag. The short is adorable because of the flower print (it makes it different from other shorts). When it comes down to it, I love the whole webshop. That's what I want to share with you because you are all amazing. So take a look at the webshop and see the most beautifull things. I can guarantee you that, once you visit their shop, you keep seeing things you would love to have in your wardrobe. Visit the online shop HERE

Which item do you like the most? Did you like the webshop?

New in from OASAP Necklace

Hey everyone, say hello to my new sponsor OASAP. They send me an awesome necklace! I got 15$ to spend at their webshop. In exchange I post about this necklace. I can tell you that I adore this necklace. I created a party outfit togheter with the necklace and it looks really good.

Secondly I would like to ask you something. Some of you filled in the questionnaire about my blog. (You can still fill it in, it's only 9 questions long HERE) I am very thankfull to them because they gave me some very handy tips. Some people said that my English could be much better, I repeat a lot of words. I am sorry for that. I am not a native speaker but I would like to ask you for a couple of tips how I can get a broughter vocabulary so my language is not too repetitive. Thank you!

Click on read more for the pictures of the necklace and my party outfit.

Dip dye your hair || DIY

I really love this dip dyed hair trend. As I mentioned in previous posts I love colors, so do I love this dip dye your hair trend.

What is it? Dip dyed hair is coloring the lower part of your hair in another color than your natural 'upper' hair. In this time the lower part of the hair is often coloured in a not-nature like color like pink, green, yellow or blue. Maybe you are a little bit frightened of this trend in the beginning, but when you are finished you will love it. As long as you make sure you first make your hair a very light color, everything will be okay.   

 I looked up how to do this yourself. I found how to do it on This trend is btw spotted on the catwalk. If you want to know how to dip dye your hair and if you want to see some Prada fashion show pictures of dip dyed hair, click on read more.

Please help me

Hello my friends,

This time I have something different for you. I am very curious what you all think about  my blog and I made a little questionnaire for you to fill in. Please be fair, it's anonymous so I can't see that you are the one who doesn't like my blog, or who does like my blog very much. The reason why I chose to do this is to make the best blog for all of you. I would like to hear from you. There are only 9 questions and I would really appreciate it if you fill them in for me. Love, Anne.

Click HERE to fill in the questionnaire.
If it doesn't work copy/paste this link in your url reading machine:

emma stone

O my Gucci, Emma Stone is again on the cover of VOGUE!! How nice and good looking is she? Amazing! Click on read more to see more pictures. 

GIVE AWAY || Kitsch Diva (CLOSED)

They sell these kind of cute things, I love it so very much!

Hello my friends!

As I mentioned in the previous posts, I have organized an international give away for you, because you are all so nice. I planned this give away together with Kitsch Diva. It's a very nice webshop with lots of jewelry, bags, earrings, rings, hats, broches and more fun stuff. And guess what? It's all vintage! They also have a lot of retro and kitschy things. It's really adorable! I love their shop so much. You must definately visit their webshop to see what they sell, because you can win a gift card of €15,- ! Everyone can join, it is an international give away! Good luck! The winner is chosen randomly with

What do you HAVE to do:

- Like Kitsch Diva on Facebook.
- Follow with Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin'
- Leave a comment with this post that you join this give away and mention your Facebook name and mail address.

What CAN you do (for extra entries, so extra chance!):
- Like this post on Bloglovin' (1 extra entry)
- Follow movieanne on Twitter and tweet about this give away (1 extra entry)
- Follow Anne Koolen on facebook and post about this give away. (1 extra entry)
- Write about this give away in a post on your blog (2 extra entries)
- Put the link of this give away together with this ( picture on your blog (2 extra entries):

This give away is opened for 1 month. So this give away is closed at the 17th of August 2012. 

Click on read more for a review on a product of Kitsch Diva

Elegantly Waisted

Chirstian Dior
I'm so glad this elegantly waisted trend is returning :D Lots of belts are going to be worn in autumn. Wearing your belt in the same colour as your dress or outfit will elongate the torso rather than breaking it up. When you wear a heavy jacket you do best by chosing a belt with a maximum of flexibility and movement.

According to Vogue UK the new shapely tailored jackets are an easy way to give women with thin and boyish figures the illusion of womanly curves.

I think this is a very nice way to show your women like curves. When you are not very tall you can wear a belt around your waist this autumn. You will look taller and you make a fashion statement in 1 look, you must definately try it! 

What do you think about this belt? Do you like it or do you think it´s ugly. Please comment, I will be so happy to hear about your opinion. 

Click on read more to see more pictures.

Today is a present || Outfit

Today it finally stopped raining! It has been raining for already 3 days here, I don't like that :( But luckily I have my blog and you dear readers. I really enjoy writing on my blog more than ever because of you guys. You are amazing :D Love you all. Today I am posting a very nice outfit. You can wear it to birtday, when you go shopping or whenever and wherever. I think this is an outfit you can wear to almost every occassion besides a gala or school party. What do you think? I'm very curious about your oppionion. Feel free to share it with everyone :D

The details in this outfit I really like are the zip in the jeans, the key on the blazer, the key print inside the blazer and the striped edge of the top.

Click on read more to see more pictures and details of the outfit.

Spotted on the catwalk


Eventhough summer has just started, there are already a lot of fashion shows about the fall couture. When you  look at Versace you see some very inspiring things. Long or short strapless dresses with chique colours. There are a lot of glitter details in every outfit. Like a white dress with a glitter ring or kind of studs. You also see a lot of bright colours like white, purple, green, blue, pink or yellow. I really love all the colours in this fall collection from Versace. 

Click on read more to see more pictures from this collection.

Grandmothers birthday || Outfit


Hello! Today I wear the same outfit I wore to my grandmothers B-day. I think it's a very nice outfit, what do you tink? Be fair please :D

I wear red jeans from Not The Same, All stars from Converse, jack from ONLY, shirt from Dept, earrings from V&D, bracelets from the market, ring from bijoux brigitte, glasses from vogue. 

Which item do you like the most? I really like the jacket on this outfit because it makes it (together with the all stars and red jeans) a little bit rock-like. It is a little more girly because of the earrings.

Click on read more to see more pictures.

I'm back again! || Outfit

Dear friends, followers and other readers,

Yesterday there were a few problems with my blog, but google was so kind to solve it for me. I'm very thankfull to them. So here I am, back again :D I hope you still like/read my blog. I am very happy right now, so a special outfit today for you guys :D

Click on read more to see more pictures.

How to wear the LBD?

Something your wardrobe can't miss is a little black dress. You can wear it to almost every occasion. When you visit a party, when you go shopping, when you stay at home or visiting your boyfriend. Coco Chanel was the first one showing a little black dress in 1961 and almost every women has a LBD. But where to buy a nice little black dress, and how to create different styles with it? I created 4 looks for you with the little black dress, which one do you like the most? I like the first one: let's shine with my lbd the most. It looks very chique. All the clothes are from Zalando. It's a very nice webshop where you can buy shoes, bags, accessoires, dresses, skirts, scarves, everything! (Click on read more to see the 4 looks).

I ♥ NY | Outfit

Yesterday I bought a magazine about fashion. In that magazine there was a tip on how to find your own style. I already tried it a little bit. The tip: Combine different pieces of clothing together, eventhough you might think it doesn't fit together you have to try it. And so I did. I combined an old and big loose fitting I ♥ NY shirt with a flower printed skirt and side ballerina shoes. I would never have tried it when I didn't read this magazine, but I think it turned out pretty well. I am very curious what you think about this outfit. And be fair please :D

Whole new outfit
Whole new outfit
Whole new outfit
Ballerina shoes, buy HERE.
ONLY skirt
Bracelets, bracelets and bracelets from Kruitvat.
I love NY shirt, buy HERE.
Playing the piano with my new-combined outfit :D

Outfits who rock your summer!

Hello my friends,
First of all I want to say thank you to all of you. You all are amazing. When I started up the computer this morning I was surprised. I have 100 followers! I'm so happy, you made my whole day a party! I love you all. Also thanks for all your nice comments and reading my blog. I have so much fun in blogging right now so thank you very much ♥

I have created 3 different outfits who make your summer a party too. Each outfit is a complete different style and I hope you like the outfits. It would also be very nice if you comment which outfit you like the most and why. Thank you very much!
This is outfit number 1. To rock this outfit, it's very nice when you wear a lot of bracelets. It's a cool outfit which you can wear while you are going to go shopping. When you can't walk on high heels, all stars are very nice too. It's an outfit for the summer and I think loose hair with the hairband complete the whole look. What do you think about that?
Outfit number 2 differs a lot from the first one. It's a very cute outfit and perfect for a date with your boyfriend or when you go out in the evening. It's a party and festival outfit. The glitters make it a little more chic and the high heels with laces make your outfit just a little bit baggy. When you would just wear normal heels it would give a different effect. This laces 'pimp' your outfit so that you can rock your party!

This is a casual outfit. The espadrilles (read a few posts earlier) in combination with the loose-fitted dress make your outfit look casual. The bag and accessoires make your outfit even more casual. I love the casual style because you can combine a lot of cool things. Studs, espadrilles, cool and nature like outfits. Who doesn't love that? 

Thank you so much for reading and following my blog, I love you all!

Shorts with studs

Hello everyone!
When it comes to fashion this summer, everyone wants to make a real statement. Dressing normal is not done. Something I really like, are shorts with studs. You don't see them a lot in europe yet, but I really like them. There are shorts with studs in all kind of colors, sizes and shapes. Everyone can find one who fits to their style. I like it when you see the inside of your pockets.

Why I like that? Because it's a little different from the normal shorts. You don't overdress, but you still make the statement. Below you can see all kinds of shorts with studs. Which one do you like the most? I like the colorfull ones a lot. But I also like the one with the US flag on it (number 2). I love the USA and the flag is very nice. My top 3 of these shorts looks like: 2, 4, 9. What is your top 3 of these shorts? Do you like studs?

Happy colors and glitter

Hey everyone!
I'm so happy! I've summer holiday and almost 50 followers! Yay =D
I'm totally into the summer mood, are you in the summer mood too or do you still have to hand in your books? Anyway, fashion is something that keeps everyone going. I really love the fashion trend at the moment. Bright and pastel colors, casual looks but you also see a lot of glitter! There are some fashionable things on the way!

I really love this nail art. It's not too hard looking and fashionable. You wear a lot of colors but they don't pop out of your look. It's a little vague and misterious and I like it! What do you think of it?

The espadrilles are on their way! They are already popular in hollywood. I guess they will visit europe too in some time. I like them very much. It creates a real casual look under shorts, but you may not wear tights under them. It destroys your look.

I am also a fan of the glitter look. Glitter shoes under a normal outfit give it a different swing. It makes your look more dared and people see you think fashion is important. I also think people relate it to fairytales in their mind. The beautiful princesses were full of glitters. Rock your party with a glitter dress!