Get the look || Kylie Jenner

Recently I have been loving, no, adoring the style of Kylie Jenner. She always looks fashionable and definitely one of my style crushes! When she goes sporting as well as shopping or to a party. She just always looks amazing! That's why I will show you how you can get her look in this post! I made this set and searched for some look-a-likes and also I will show you some inspiration pictures and tell you what things I often see in her outfits. I hope you enjoy! 

Fall sneaker looks

English people: scroll all the way down for a translation! 

Het regent buiten, de september issues zijn doorgelezen en de trends zijn bekend: het is herfst. Voor de meeste fashionista’s het favoriete seizoen van het jaar. Op de regenbuien die je net gefohnde kapsel verpesten natuurlijk. De herfst staat voor nieuwe trends, nieuwe ontdekkingen en natuurlijk het verder ontwikkelen van jouw eigen stijl.
Om je wat inspiratie voor dit najaar te geven, zijn hier wat outfit idee├źn met sneakers. Die hoge hakken zijn natuurlijk leuk, maar ook op onze relax dagen willen we er natuurlijk fashionable uit zien. 

Things from Bags Jewels & More || NEW IN

Today I have a very nice post about some jewelry I just got from Bags Jewels and More. The 20 year old owner of the shop, which only exists since September 1, was so kind to send me these things. She also created a discount code you can use in the web shop to get 15% off everything! The code is Fashionanna. Click read more to see what amazing things I got! 

My favorite braided hair styles!

Braids, you probably see them everywhere. Today I will show you two of my favorite braided hair styles. I like to wear these because they make the front part of my hair look less frizzy and they look so sophisticated while they are actually really easy! Click read more to see how to make these amazing hair styles!

Trending fall boots

Today I will be showing you my favorite shoe trends for the fall and winter time. I first want to tell you that I love Jeffrey Campbell´s shoes. They are all so sophisticated and brilliantly designed! I almost love all their black shoes. Black is a color which is never outdated and it makes every outfit look fashionable. Click read more to see the shoe trends for fall and winter!

The best Dutch songs

Not many people know about this, but the Netherlands is actually a very musical country. We produce a lot of very good dance music. From the top 10 DJ´s, 5 are dutch. No, we are not that bad! Quit crazy if you think about the size of our country. Our whole country has almost 18 million people (not even 2x the inhabitants of New York), 41526 km2 including 7643 km2 of water, and some good music. In this post I will show you some of my favorite songs of dutch musicians!

So, the first song I love is This Is What It Feels Like from Armin van Buuren. He is a dutch DJ, just as Afrojack and Tiesto. You probably know about them already so I don´t have to tell you how amazing they are ;-)

One of my favorite songs right now is this song from Bakermat and it´s called Vandaag (= Today in English). Honestly, I think it´s very stupid of them to call an amazing song like this one Vandaag. It´s dutch and there are not that many dutch people in the world. I think they would reach so many more people when they would have called it something like I have a dream. You hear parts of Martin Luther King´s speech in the song. I love it so much!

Eva Simons (dutch singer) sings with Will.I.Am. Eva Simons has a very powerful voice and when I visited the Beyonce concert she was in her for program. Beyonce was so right with that decision because Eva Simons voice is killing!

You know this song? Probably yes. Amazing, right? Now you might wonder why this song is in this list, but Afrojack is dutch! Yup. I don´t know what to say more..

This is another song featuring Afrojack.

I hope you liked this little music/inspiration post from my country. I am very proud of all the dutch musicians who brought it so far in their music career. I hope to see you next time on my blog again and I would love to know if there is any famous musician from your country.

My love for Burkely

When you have read this post, you know I have been to the John Beerens bloggers event. It was totally amazing as you might understand. We also got to see a preview of the new collection from Burkely. Some of these bags will be in the shops very soon and others will not be in the shops, so this is very exclusive! Click read more to see their showroom.

How to design your very own homecoming dress

(Personally, I like all dresses displayed in this post, especially the first one in pretty pink. I found these dresses on the green guide dot com. Browse their site to find yours. )

Planning to get a dress for your homecoming party? Then why not consider designing your own dress for this occasion? If you have a knack for arts and design, this will be a fun project for you. Not only will you be in full control of the style and look that you want to pull off, but you can also save some money at the same time.

I won a give away!

Hey guys! Today I am very happy because I won the give away from Kelly. I received a beautiful box and I couldn't wait to open it! Are you just as excited as I am? Click read more to see what was in it!

HUGE fall haul!

When I went to holiday in France, Cannes, I went shopping with my mother and sister. We bought a lot of things. This shoplog, however, is a collective haul of the things I bought in France, and I will also show some things I bought a few weeks before. I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel to see my videos first ;-)

Paint a smile perfectly on you || OUTFIT

Hey everyone! Today I have another outfit post for you, and I must tell you... It's my 50th outfit post already! So many have past by :) I am happy to wear my amazing new cardigan, new ring and my new dress in this post. They are both from OASAP. I especially love the loose fitting cardigan for fall! Basic cardigans make almost every outfit fashionable, they are comfy, warm and easy to combine. What do you want more? Please click read more to see all my outfit photos!


Hey everyone! I am so happy because I hope to make you happy now :) Since almost everybody is going back to school now, I thought it would be great if one of my lucky followers could get a nice accessory of her choice. This way you can start the school year very fashionable! I am glad to tell you that you can win an item of your choice (only exception: gift cards) from Sieradenkistje. It's an amazing web shop full of nice jewelry and it's worth to take a look! In the picture above you can see a few of my favorites from their site!

How to join?
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And that's it! 

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Trind caring nail products || REVIEW

Trind is a specialist in nail care. Trind itself says it's products contain high quality ingredients who are caring, stimulate growth and make sure your nails grow stronger. It was a pleasure for me to receive a couple of their products to test out for you. I hope you enjoy this review! Click read more to see these beautiful nail polishes and read all about them. Also make sure to like their brand new Facebook page so you won't miss any updates and tips to grow your nails healthy.

Pupa Milano Multiplay Eyeliner || REVIEW

A few weeks ago I received a beautiful eyeliner from Pupa Milano and I couldn't wait to try it out for you! It is the Pupa Multiplay. I love the packaging so much because it looks so chic! I was asking myself if the product would be as good as the packaging, click read more to find out..

John Beerens Bloggers Event 2013

A few days ago I went to the John Beerens bloggers event in Tilburg and it was totally amazing! We were warmly welcomed with some cupcakes and nice drinks. I met some really nice people, got a lot of beauty goodies and saw collections which are not in the shops yet. Click read more to see!