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Today I have a very nice post about some jewelry I just got from Bags Jewels and More. The 20 year old owner of the shop, which only exists since September 1, was so kind to send me these things. She also created a discount code you can use in the web shop to get 15% off everything! The code is Fashionanna. Click read more to see what amazing things I got! 

This is an overview of the really cute accessories I got. Which of these jewelry do you like the most?

So the first thing I got where 3 pair of rose earrings. They are so cute and you can combine them with almost every outfit! I always like to wear little earrings like these because you can also sport with them.

If I go to an occasion which is a little bit more special or chic, I always love to wear bigger statement earrings. These have very pretty blue feathers and they look adorbs :) 

I also took a picture wearing the earring because now you can see how big it actually is. I love the dramatic look and this color will definitely be trending this season!

To continue I got these amazing rings! I really like such casual and basic rings because you can wear them with so many different things and style them in different ways! I like the purple color as well :)

Finally this amazing, tough bracelet! I love these kind of bracelets because you can put them on very easily and they are perfect for an edgy outfit. 

And that was that! I hope you liked this post and you found it interesting. Don't forget to also check out the Facebook page of bags jewels more so you won't miss any news and future give aways! For more fashion and beauty make sure to come back in one day because I have a new post up every other day! Love, Anna

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  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful jewelry. I like the rings so cool. Keep in touch

  2. Love all that jewelry!!!!

    I just follow your blog can we follow each other?

  3. wow that leather bracelet I love and those big rings.

  4. oh my <3 those stuff are so beautiful ! *_*

  5. Loved the feather earrings! Everything looks very interesting and unique!

  6. Lovely jewelry!!! :)

  7. Lovely rings <33

  8. oohh.. love the ear-rings!! and the roses ear studs look soooo cute!! i use to have a couple of them to and they really go well with many clothes!
    Thank you for dropping by my blog too! :)

    xoxo, Joei

  9. Wow, those pieces of jewelry look really pretty! I especially love the earrings! :-)

    ~Melodies In The Sand~

  10. I love it

    If you want to visit my blog and if you want follow me and i will follow back
    Kiss Kiss :)


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