Pupa Milano Multiplay Eyeliner || REVIEW

A few weeks ago I received a beautiful eyeliner from Pupa Milano and I couldn't wait to try it out for you! It is the Pupa Multiplay. I love the packaging so much because it looks so chic! I was asking myself if the product would be as good as the packaging, click read more to find out..

So, this eyeliner consists of two sides: an eyeliner and a smudger. I wanted a smudger for a very long time because I was curious what the effect would be. To be honest, I like eyeliner without smudging it much better than with smudging it. Only with a dramatic smokey eye look I would go for the smudger because you can really blend out your eyeliner. 

When I tried this product on my eyes, I think it is so perfect for your waterlines. It really delivers the color easily and it's very pigmented. I find it more difficult to draw a neat and clear line on my eyelids because you can blend it out very easy and the point of the pencil is a little bit thick. But it's not impossible (as you can see)!

Overall I am very pleased with this eyeliner. I love the intense and pigmented black and when it's completely dry, it does not smudge itself out anymore. Perfect for a look which is meant to last all day long!

This is my second Pupa Make-Up item. My first was a sample mascara. I am very happy to be able to try out such amazing beauty products because I love Pupa Milano so much! 

Would you ever buy a smudge eyeliner? Let me know!

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  1. ziet er goed uit! wat een mooie ooglook trouwns :D

  2. Beautiful result. I love your review :)

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  4. Mooi! Ziet er echt een goed product uit!

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  5. Ziet er heel erg goed en mooi uit!

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    Lovely post!
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