JewelCandle Video Review

Lately I received two gorgeous candles from JewelCandle. Their concept was brand new to me and totally made me happy. If you burn the candle, there is a gorgeous real silver jewelry inside. You can choose between earrings, a necklace pendant or a ring. I went for a ring and pendant. In this video I show you (with a special Narnian-themed intro) how it works. I really hope you will like the video and make sure to use the discount coupon fashionanna20 to get 20% off your entire order! Also you can check out photos of other people's jewelry presents here. I bought the Pink Cherry ring candle and the Sweet Cupcake pendant candle. They both smell amazing!

3 Styles 3 Outfits || BACK TO SCHOOL

Hi! Some of you might already be going back to school, but I still had holiday this week. Next week it will, however, be my time to go back to school. It was an amazing holiday full of experiences. Today I will be showing you 3 different back to school outfits. Each outfit in a unique style so there is something for everyone! In this first outfit I let the colors of the backpack make their return in the shoes. For the rest I kept it quite basic with a grey shirt and black skirt. This outfit looks edgy, but girly at the same time.

Anna as Geisha || OUTFIT

Going to Japan meant the world to me, but this was seriously one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We got to try out a traditional Japanese Geisha makeover. They did our hair (wig), makeup and outfits. We got to choose the kimonos we were wearing and they made sure we looked like a Geisha. It was so cool and we had a lot of fun! I guess you want to see more photos of me in the costume so don't hesitate to click the read more button!

All I bought in Japan

A holiday is nice, but living your holiday while you're at home can be pretty hard. That's why I always love to buy souvenirs to look at when I'm back home. All souvenirs remind me of events and that's what makes it fun! Today I will be showing you everything I bought in Japan! I have been there for 2 weeks so and I could hardly close my suitcase when we went back home. Let's just get started! The first item is this really cute wooden lady. You want to know what more I bought? Just hit the read more button!

Like A Pirate || OUTFIT

This is the follow up post in my Anna to Japan series! I went to Japan and already posted a Streetstyle Part 1, Streetstyle Part 2, Outfit 1 and Outfit 2 post. It's worth checking out since you will get to know everything about the fashion style in Japan! In this 3rd outfit post I am wearing a pair of shorts and t-shirt which I bought in Tokyo! If you ever go to Tokyo, you must go shopping in Shibuya 109. It's literally perfect! You will see more of my purchased items in a later post. As for today I will show you some more outfit photos of this outfit! Enjoy!

My favorite G-Star RAW items || WISHLIST

As you guys might already know (if you follow me on Twitter), I have an amazing summer job at the E-Commerce team of G-Star RAW. I get to see their site every day of the week and I literally love so many items. That's why I decided it would be cool if I could show you my absolute favorite items of their webshop. So here I am! Also check out their Raw For The Oceans page for the latest news on a stunning new collaboration!

Fab Smartphone Wallet || NEW IN

Of course I already knew about the amazing brand Fab, but it never came down to an order. I don't know how it happened, but I seriously missed something by not ordering something. Recently I got the chance to order a wallet on Smartphonehoesjes and I'm totally satisfied about their service. It's delivered in a secured box and it was send to me within a day. Actually their site is more a phone case site, but this is a special wallet since your phone fits in there. If you are more in favor of tablet covers, their other site Tablethoezen will be great.

Shrine Red || OUTFIT

Here's another outfit in my Anna to Japan series. I wore this outfit when visiting a couple of shrines in Kyoto. Al lot of them have amazing red pillars and look really colorful. I thought it would be better to wear pants covering my entire legs, but it was really warm! That's why these pants from H&M are the perfect solution! They are very thin and comfortable! I'm also wearing my Arizona Birkenstocks and a shirt from The Sting. Just a basic outfit, but it looks cool with the red pillars :D

Japan Streetstyle Part 2

Since I shot so incredibly many steetstyle photos in Japan, I really needed this second post. In my first streetstyle post you could already see some amazing fashion pieces, but this post is surely not less-worthy. I will show you some amazing outfits and styles! I just love the colorful clothes in Japan and everyone looks at his/her best. Always. In the evening almost all the girls wear high heels and dresses/skirts. In big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto there are many styles and each person finds his own way to fit in. I hope you will like this streetstyle post!

First days Japan || OUTFIT

The first days we went to Tokyo, the capital of Japan. We saw some nice shopping streets as well as interesting tourist attractions. I really like the red colors of the shrines and all the colorful places. Some streets are so much like times square, but the texts I can't read remind me of the fact that I'm in Japan. It's an awesome place and there are so many nice people. I really am going to miss your friendliness Japan!

VIP Box # 6!

Actually the plan was to continue my Japan series, but today I received my next VIP box and I just couldn't wait to show you what's inside! A MUA lipstick, bombshell stick, mascara from jelly pong pong, makeup wipes from L'Oreal Paris and a duo eyebrow powder from So Susan. The brands weren't familiar to me half a year ago, but VIP box gave me some insights in these amazing brands.

Anna To Japan Part 1 || STREETSTYLE

So I'm so terribly excited to be able to tell you that I went to Japan! It was like a dream come true and now I'm finally able to tell you all about my fantastic journey. In the upcoming posts I've prepared some Japan style posts. I will tell you about the things I bought, the outfits I've worn, what a typical Japanse outfit looks like and more. Today it's time to show you some street style photos I shot. I just love watching all those amazing outfits on the streets. Especially in the shopping centre during the evening you will be able to find so many adorable fashion styles. Don't forget to let me know which style is your favourite!

Lovely Lace || OUTFIT

It's getting warm outside so I can wear shorts all the time: me likey! Today I decided to go for my distressed shorts and a cute cropped top with a lace bottom. I totally am in love with tops like this one because they make your outfit really cute while you are just wearing a top! I chose my white low Converse as shoes because they go with the white from my shorts and top. Overall I really like the light colors in this outfit! Please let me know in the comments what you think about this outfit!

Styling your cropped tops!

Opinions on cropped tops are varying a lot, personally I would combine it in a way that you won't see your stomach. I think it's mostly more decent if you just don't see your entire skin. That's why I decided to do a cooperation video with Syndey. She has a YouTube channel as well and we both will be showing you two outfits with cropped tops! Let me know what you think about our videos in the comments!

 Cropped tops: Yeay or Nay?

Swimwear 101 Guide

Not every girl has the perfect model body and even models might have trouble finding the perfect swimwear suitable for their body. That's why I decided to create a swimwear guide for you. I will be showing you what swimsuits/bikini's fit to what body type and this way you will be able to rock your swimwear this summer! Hit the read more button to see the complete guide!