All I bought in Japan

A holiday is nice, but living your holiday while you're at home can be pretty hard. That's why I always love to buy souvenirs to look at when I'm back home. All souvenirs remind me of events and that's what makes it fun! Today I will be showing you everything I bought in Japan! I have been there for 2 weeks so and I could hardly close my suitcase when we went back home. Let's just get started! The first item is this really cute wooden lady. You want to know what more I bought? Just hit the read more button!

Of course you can't leave an Asian country without buying a fan. Everyone needs one and so do I! I literally fell in love with the details and amazing pink color! 

This is just a small wall painting on fabric and it looks cute :D

Japan is all about cuteness and I literally saw so many hair bows! It's amazing! That's why I went to a sort of one dollar store and bought these cuties. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below! 

I picked this up last minute at the airport because I fell in love with Japanese hair accessories during my trip! 

We got this when we were all dressed up as Geisha's and it was such an awesome experience! I will let you know more about that in the next post so stay tuned for that ;-)

We are with 4 ladies at home so we bought a four pack of Marc Jacobs perfumes (mini size). I got this one and I love the smell! 

Of course I had to buy some presents so when we went to the Shrine I bought these two books for our friendly religion/philosophy teacher. Ssssshh..

It was also my time to buy my very first high end beauty product aka a YSL lipstick! I'm so in love with the coral/pink color and it looks absolutely stunning on my lips! 

It sounds kind of granny, but I collect key chains everywhere I go. I have a box full of key chains and each key chain has it's own memory. 

I couldn't visit such a stylish country without shopping so I also went to Shibuya 109 and bought the most amazing fashion pieces! This is a tank top. 

I also bought this cropped blouse and on the bottom you can make a knot from the fabric, how cool?!

This top belongs to the read tank sweater below. It looks so cool together and I love the color combination! It will be great to wear to school as well! 

Before I went to Japan, I already wanted to buy my very own kimono and now I purchased my very own real kimono. I bought it in Kyoto and I adore the pink color and prints! 

As a fashion enthusiast I got to have my magazines. In Japan they start at the back of the magazine so that was quite unusual for me, but a good experience as well. The styles are so cute, see the page below (as an example). All kinds of cute outfits and even though I can't read the magazines, they are full of the most amazing pictures so that's no problem at all! 

Then another fashion piece, a nice cardigan and a pair of high waisted shorts! The shirt I bought goes really well with the shorts, just to let you know!


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