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As you guys might already know (if you follow me on Twitter), I have an amazing summer job at the E-Commerce team of G-Star RAW. I get to see their site every day of the week and I literally love so many items. That's why I decided it would be cool if I could show you my absolute favorite items of their webshop. So here I am! Also check out their Raw For The Oceans page for the latest news on a stunning new collaboration!

So, these are normal black skinny jeans right? Nope! They have a visible zipper on the front and if you take a closer look at the knees you can see some darker parts. I totally love these jeans and they are €139,90. 

Here you can see one of their visible zipper jeans, but also an amazing top I'd love to buy! It's €69,90 and available here

This is probably my absolute favorite item right now! I think I'm going to buy it because I totally love the style of the jacket! It's on the pricey side, but so timeless and versatile! 

This blouse would be amazing for a school day. If you want to look chic, but are in a rush or don't want to think about your outfit. It's always good-looking and everyone needs a staple piece like this! 

What more do I need to say about this jacket? Isn't it just adorable?! I just love the color, the style, the shape, the material, everything! 

Currently these shoes are not available in my size, but they are so nice. I really like that they are different from other shoes. G-Star RAW also sells a lot of nice sneakers. It's worth checking it out! 

The last item on my favorites list is this bag. It's pretty basic but will go with any outfit!

Even though their items are more pricey than H&M, for example, I totally think you can see this at the quality. All their products are so beautiful and it literally feels like a little party to walk around in their clothes! What do you think of G-Star RAW? Did you ever buy any of their products? Let me know in the comments!

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