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Of course I already knew about the amazing brand Fab, but it never came down to an order. I don't know how it happened, but I seriously missed something by not ordering something. Recently I got the chance to order a wallet on Smartphonehoesjes and I'm totally satisfied about their service. It's delivered in a secured box and it was send to me within a day. Actually their site is more a phone case site, but this is a special wallet since your phone fits in there. If you are more in favor of tablet covers, their other site Tablethoezen will be great.

So on the front as well as the back are heart-shaped studs. How cool?! I literally think this is so cute and I just adore it! 

What more have we got? Uhhm.. a zipper of course! What's a black smartphone wallet without a zipper? 

We got three pockets on the inside. Choose one of the side ones for your phone because the middle pocket is the best place for your coin moneeeeyy. 

We also have some space for paper money and some cards and that's it about this smartphone wallet! Don't worry if you are not in favor of black. The exact same wallet is available in pink as well! I had a hard time choosing between black and pink to be honest, but I finally went for the black one because it goes with all my outfits and I could use this as a clutch as well.

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this post! If you have an opinion on this, make sure to tell me in the comments! I love to read them :)

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