First days Japan || OUTFIT

The first days we went to Tokyo, the capital of Japan. We saw some nice shopping streets as well as interesting tourist attractions. I really like the red colors of the shrines and all the colorful places. Some streets are so much like times square, but the texts I can't read remind me of the fact that I'm in Japan. It's an awesome place and there are so many nice people. I really am going to miss your friendliness Japan!

Here you could throw in like 1 euro and you got to shake a box. A stick with a number falls out of the single hole and you should open that specific drawer. It says if you will get good or bad fortune in the future. Most of them are bad fortune, but I luckily got good fortune :D


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Have a great time honey !

  2. Wat een leuke foto's! leuke outfit ook!

  3. adorable shorts
    ans enjoy your trip

  4. Japan is absolutely AMAZING. You'll love it!

  5. Lucky girl :)
    Love your short!


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