Celebrating New Year with shoes!

Because you may want to get some idea of which shoos you must choose for your New year party, I pasted some examples in this post. I hope it inspires you! You can find a lot of these shoes on Asos, Zalando, Oasap. Thanks for reading my blog :) I love you SO much.


 I've spotted Timberlands a very long time ago and I think it's going to be a real trend. I really like that the shoe is a little bit more edgy and rock. They match perfectly with a lot of outfits and eventhough there are lots and lots of different variations on this shoe, I like the regular edition (see picture above) the most. Eventhough I also love the pink ones :) Click read more to see some other versions.

Merry Merry Christmas!

 I think you are all celebrating Christmas right now so probably you won't take a look on my blog. I still want to wish you all a happy Christmas and I hope your dreams come true. I love you so much! ♥♥♥♥♥



Life's art || INSPIRATION


A couple of arty inspirations, I hope you enjoy! :) Have a wonderful time!
Love you all XOXO Anna

How to find miss perfect?

Christmas is on it's way and you want to look good when you are going to celebrate it. I have always a lot of trouble finding the perfect dress for myself but since I used a little help guide, it's a lot more easy! I personally prefer dresses like you can see above, or dresses with a lot and I mean a LOT of glitters and sequins :) Click read more so we can together find your perfect dress!

Schoolgirl || OUTFIT

Today I would like to show you another great outfit with clothes from American Apparel. I wear their skirt and their light blue blouse. The leather black bag (which I think is totally awesome!) is from American Apparel too. It was raining a lot while I was taking the pictures and the wind was blowing very fast. It gave my pictures quite a cool look I think :) I want to say thank you to American Apparel for sponsoring me these amazing clothes!

Little red reiding hood || OUTFIT

 Guys. You must see this amazing dress from American Apparel. Remember the previous outfit post? I was wearing the first couple of clothes I received from American Apparel, I received this dress too. I think the color is very nice and looks so good! What do you think? I also have another question for you, would you like me to make a video? Leave your idea below and maybe I will film it!

Coupon Code!

As I told before, clothingloves is an amazing webshop with women wholesale clothing, men wholesale clothing and special occasion dresses. Everything they sell has a good price! This Christmas they have a special promo coupon code to make their clothes even cheaper, the code is: XMAS15. Feel free to make use of it, you will get 15% off! You can use the coupon up and untill December 31.

Some of my Christmas favorites of clothingloves.net are this cute little black dress because you can combine it with literally everything! The leather looking skirt with the cozy sweater looks so cute and the lace dress is so amazing too! I think all these dresses above are very fashionable!

OMG, some of my total favorites are this norwegian printed legging and this black and white Christmas printed legging. They remind me so much of snow, winter, cozyness, hot chocolate and all these very nice things!


Since I am a columnist at a blog and I've seen a lot of blogs with a columnist, I thought it would be such an amazing idea to have my own columnist who writes on my blog! Click read more to see what it is exactly :)

Thank you so much! || OUTFIT

A couple of weeks ago I deliberated with American Apparel about a cooperation. Their shop is very nice and when you want to shop basic items, you must definitely visit their shop! Last week I received a huge box. I didn't know what was in it and I was very curious because I never received such a huge package before. When I opened it up, it was full of amazing clothes from American Apparel! I was very surprised! Thank you so so so much American Apparel! I love the clothes a lot and especially the (leather) bag is handy and beautiful! I was searching for such a bag for a long time but I never really found one. That's why I was extra glad to receive this bag. These pants and this sweater are from their web shop too. Click read more to see my whole outfit.

Holiday DIY || Earring Hanger

The comming weeks I will be very busy with school because I have a week full of exams right before the holiday. You might want to ask why I consider myself lucky while I have an exam week before the holiday, but that is because otherways I would have it right after the holiday. That would mean that I had to learn, study and learn in the holiday, no, not for me! I would prefer blogging and talking to you guys a lot more :) Today I will post a holiday DIY you can do in the holiday, weekend or just when you come home from school. It costs a little of time, but than you have something very unique: it's a guarantee! I will show you how to make this stylish earring hanger. I hope you guys like it! If you tried this yourself, please mail (blogfashionanna@gmail.com) or tweet (@blogfashionanna) me because I would love to know what you guys make!

WIN 9x 20$ to spend at Firmoo.com (CLOSED)

Hey everyone!
Because Christmas is comming soon, I thought it would be nice to do an international give away! So here I am with a fascinating give away in cooperation with Firmoo. They sell a lot of great glasses and sunglasses you can use so well to make your outfit look fashionable! This give away will be open up and untill December 18 (23:59). After that day you can not join anymore, so make sure to join in time :) If you win, you can spend the voucher at Firmoo.com untill the 25th of December. You can join very easily by liking my Facebook page and leaving a comment to this post with your e-mail. (No e-mail = no win! I'm sorry!)

What can you win?
- You can win 9 times a 20$ voucher to spend at Firmoo.com
- If you win, for example, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, you can share your coupon with a family member. You can use one coupon code only 1 time.

What do you have to do?
- Like my Facebook page.
- Leave a comment below with your e-mail.

What can you do for extra entries?
- Follow this blog with GFC (+1 entry)
- Follow me on twitter (+1 entry)
- Follow my Youtube account (+1 entry)
- Write something about this give away on your blog with a link to this post (+3 entries)

To give you some idea about the style of the webshop, here are some pictures of their glasses. These pictures are from their site.


Celebrating Christmas with .... presents!

Welcome back again to my very own Christmas celebrating series! Today I offer myself as a little helpdesk to help you guys finding the best gifts for anyone! I started by creating a huge mind map to let my mind floooow and think well. It can be pretty hard to find the right present, I know, so that's why I will help you! Click read more if you are that helpless person who can't find any present or if you are just curious at my ideas :)

First youtube video!

OMG, guys. I can´t believe what I just did. I took the initiative to make a youtube video and I wasn´t sure about it but I thought: let´s try it! So, I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think and if you want me to make more videos and if you have any requests ;-)

Both dresses I showed in this video would be gorgeous for celebrating Christmas :)

Love, Anna

Christmas series || Room makeover

Welcome welcome to my very first Christmas series post! I hope you are as excited as I am because I totally love to celebrate and prepare Christmas with you because I love you and Christmas so much!

I didn't know how to call these Christmas series on my blog so I decided to ask you guys and I hope you leave a comment below with your ideas :):)

Today I will give you the holy four steps to a total Xmas-proof bedroom! I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think :)

Step 1: candles.
OK. Guys. You just can not miss this step. It's one of the most important steps of creating the good ethos. Since christmas is all about lights I thought this would be a VIP tip (Very ImPorant hehe). When you buy yourself some candles, it would be soo awesome if you buy scented candles because your whole room is going to smell so nice :)

Step 2: Your bed.
To get your bed into the Christmas mood, it's very good to buy yourself some Christmas-themed pillow cases. If you don't have so many pillows you can also buy pillows who are already Christmas themed, but that is a little more expensive.  You don't need to buy tons and tons of Christmas pillow cases because three or four would do good too. Search in your house for some basic pillow cases or pillow cases with a little bit of a different fabric and put them in the back. You lay down your new-in Christmas pillow cases on the front and tadaaaaaaaa! Your bed is totally X-mas proof!

Step 3: Add all stereotypical attributes to your room!
What is Christmas without a sock hanging on your wall, a Christmas wreath, tree and baubles? Nothing of course! Add as many stereotypical things to your room as possible! I already have a Santa, have you?

Step 4: Get to the details :)
Once you have done all steps above it's time to add some more Christmas and snow-ey details. Think about fake snow, deers, snowflakes, glitter and whatever makes you think about Christmas!

I hope you liked this little tutorial and I wish to see you soon, bye! Don't forget to mail your christmas photo to blogfashionanna@gmail.com to be featured on my blog ;-)