Please help me!

I have a dilemma. I really really fell in love with these Steve Madden boots, but I can't decide which color I should take! I want them desperately for summer. Even though I love the blue one, I think the brown one is more versatile and easier to combine. I think I can combine less clothes with the blue ones, but when I accomplish it will look awesome, but the brown ones look awesome too.

The other part of the dilemma are these two Zara boots. I just want to buy 1 pair of boots. But I can't choose between all four! The two from Zara are more casual and tough while the ones from Steve Madden are more girly. I love them all! What would you do? Tell me in the comments! I need your help!

Happy Birthday To Me || GIVE AWAY (CLOSED)

Yesterday was my birthday and I turned 17. I was really really sick and that's why I couldn't get myself out of bed to write a post. Now I feel just a bit better, but good enough to put up this give away for you guys! You can win some amazing things and to join: just leave a comment below with your email! Click read more to see what you have to do to get a bigger chance of winning!

Anna in wonderland || OUTFIT

Today I have a really nice and spring-ish outfit for you! I am wearing my brand new scarf from Twinkeltje. I love it so much! Since I got it I wore it so often because it isn't very thick and pimps up your entire outfit. Also I think the color is adorable! Even though the outfit is pretty casual, I tried to give it a girly swing. Click read more to see the magical scarf!

Each x Other

Hi! Today I would like to share an amazing brand with you. I discovered this brand like a week ago and I absolutely fell in love with it! They sell awesome stuff (no, this is not an advertorial) and omg I just love everything about it! Their clothes are so original and if I would be able to wear these clothes one day... Click read more so I can share my dream designer items with you! 

Cute 'n Strawberry || OUTFIT

How are you all doing? I hope you are having an amazing time! Today I'm wearing a lot of fun and cute clothes. My tights with hearts (how cute?!) and skirt are from an adorable shop I told you about before, named Persunmall. Momentarily I have a lot of clothes from the store because they sell amazing stuff! I really wished for such a denim skirt for a long time so I was happy when I received the parcel.

Accessories || WISHLIST

Here is just a little wishlist of accessories I would love to have this summer/spring. As you can see, I love lace. The color of the scarf combined with the lace is simply amazing and the pink cap would be perfect for a warm, casual, but cute summer day. Also I fell in love with bows since last year and of course some nice rings and a turban headband in an ombre blue color can't miss out! Finally an adorable phone case and some happy socks to make your days awesome!

No real winter || OUTFIT

Our holiday just started, do you have any holidays around this time of the year? Anyways, there hasn't been any real winter where I live. No snow. Luckily for me I have the chance to go skiing this holiday! I'm so happy! I love skiing, it's my favorite sport, just as basketball. I love sliding the slopes and just having fun with the snow and off-piste skiing. I also love ice skating, but there hasn't been any opportunity yet in my country.. Did you see the olympic winter games? The Netherlands won! I'm happy for Sven Kramer and Ireen Wust. Today I'm wearing a nice bright red sweater from OASAP. It has been a while since I was wearing something from that store, but I"m back because everything they sell is affordable and has a good quality.

Embrace Your Personal Style #RedStyle

I was asked to make a blog post about my personal style and showing you some pieces in my wardrobe representing my style. I was very excited about this idea so right now I am showing you some of my fashion pieces expressing my personal style. Also, I will tell you where I get my outfit inspirations from. So, if you would like to know all my fashion secrets, click the read more button!  

Personal Style || OUTFIT

The winner of the 500$ goodiebag is Sarah! Congratulations! We have contacted you :) 
Today I have a very special outfit post for you featuring some clothes I just got from Frontrow Shop. They have awesome clothes which are perfect to wear to a fashion show, but also great to combine in an every day look. They sell very unique fashion pieces and the quality is honestly great. It was quite funny. When I received the package the bag said 'this customer is veryyyyyyy important to us. Plz deliver this package to him or her with your beautiful smile.'. Isn't that cute? Click read more for some amazing fashion photos!

This Summer I Want To ... || INSPIRATION

It's time to shine the upcoming spring/summer season! That's why I decided to help you get into the mood with these beautiful inspirations! I hope you enjoy and let me know what you planned to do this spring/summer! XOXO 

DIY Valentines Day Gift Ideas!

Hi! First of all, I would like to tell you that our mission succeeded! I am the look of the month in the Cosmogirl magazine! I'm so happy and I love you so much for supporting me and voting for me. You are the best, thanks!

I tried to upload the video I'm showing you right now yesterday, but I failed because the image kept being black. Really weird, but I hope you still would like to see it because I have put a lot of effort in making this video. I am showing you a few (DIY) valentines day gift ideas. You can use them for your friends and some are appropriate for your boyfriend. I thought about these ideas myself so if you want an original idea, go for these! Enjoy en let me know in the comments which idea you like the best.

How to make your own scented scrub soap? + GIVE AWAY!!

Hi! Today I have another DIY video for you. I'm showing you how you can make your very own soap. It's not just a soap, but a scented scrub soap. It will make your hands really soft and they will smell amazing afterwards! Just to inform you, you can get a package with all the things you need for this tutorial here. It's very handy and you are sure you have everything! Also I will be giving away a few things so click the read more button!

January Favorites

I'm back again with some January favorites. This month I had a lot of random favorites, but also some beauty favorites. You can see all my favorites in the photo above. I hope you enjoy!

Penny Board
Since I saw a Penny board for the first time, I knew I couldn't resist buying one. After a year I finally decided to go for this pastel mint blue penny. It's gorgeous and I loved it since I got it. I love the colors and it rides really nice. I should still practice though.. ;)

I love this candle so much! It was really cheap (dutch people: Action). It's in the smell winter wonderland and it smells like everything good. You can smell some cinnamon, fresh snow, mixed with some other winter scents. I love the purple color as well.

Veronica Roth did a great job writing the Divergent series. I've read the book 'Divergent' within 1.5 weeks, while I NEVER read books. Crazy, huh? I love the story, characters, feelings, just every description. I can't wait to see the movie which is coming out very very soon!

I couldn't wait until the Vivid collection from Maybelline New York would come to the Netherlands. I bought the color 904 vivid rose and it's perfect! It's a beautiful pink color and lasts all day. You can apply as much/less as you would like to create the look you want. I adoreeeee.

I love this camera necklace so bad! I rediscovered this necklace and wore it a lot! Go for a casual look and add this necklace. Perfection guaranteed.

I like to switch my deodorant every now and then. I got this play it sexy deodorant from Playboy and it smells amazing! You will smell the scent all day long and it smells very feminine. Me like!

Hot chocolate 
I love these little hot chocolate spoons with chocolate. Just warm a cup of milk, stir through it with these sticks, and enjoy your delicious hot chocolate! These sticks are milk chocolate, there is also a dark chocolate variant. 

Hand cream
My must have product! I have had very very dry hands this month with a lot of splits. I hate it! Since I bought this amazing product it got so much better! I don't know how it works, but it does its job great! It's the Neutrogena hand cream. It has some German texts on it so I guess it's from there..

Gucci-envy me is TheBomb.Com. Oh my, I love it! I'm very keen on it because it's so amazing! It smells very fresh, unlike my other perfumes. It's perfect for a nice spring day! 

The Anastasia Brow Wiz eyebrow pencil is totally made for me. It is the exact right color for my eyebrows (Medium Brown) and you can draw them as clear as you want. You just brush through your eyebrows with the other side and your eyebrows are perfectly in shape!

I bought these bracelets at H&M a while ago. The bracelet made of fabric broke almost immediately (Ugh..) but I just love how they look! I still love them both because they look so cute together. 

These were my favorites! Let me know what your January favorites were!

I designed my own shoes! || OUTFIT

The company Loafun makes it possible for anyone to design her very own pair of shoes! An amazing initiative for all the creative minds out there. And guess what?! I got to design my own pair of shoes! I was so excited and started to brainstorm immediately. I love bows and I've always wanted yellow converse all stars. These look a lot like them. All you have to do is upload your design and their specialized team of artists will make your shoes by hand. Before they send them to you, you get the chance to see your shoes so you can check if you are truly satisfied with the result. Click read more to see the shoes I designed!

P.s. Don't forget to VOTE FOR ME in the Cosmogirl Magazine Lookbook contest! I really need your votes! I'm the second look.