January Favorites

I'm back again with some January favorites. This month I had a lot of random favorites, but also some beauty favorites. You can see all my favorites in the photo above. I hope you enjoy!

Penny Board
Since I saw a Penny board for the first time, I knew I couldn't resist buying one. After a year I finally decided to go for this pastel mint blue penny. It's gorgeous and I loved it since I got it. I love the colors and it rides really nice. I should still practice though.. ;)

I love this candle so much! It was really cheap (dutch people: Action). It's in the smell winter wonderland and it smells like everything good. You can smell some cinnamon, fresh snow, mixed with some other winter scents. I love the purple color as well.

Veronica Roth did a great job writing the Divergent series. I've read the book 'Divergent' within 1.5 weeks, while I NEVER read books. Crazy, huh? I love the story, characters, feelings, just every description. I can't wait to see the movie which is coming out very very soon!

I couldn't wait until the Vivid collection from Maybelline New York would come to the Netherlands. I bought the color 904 vivid rose and it's perfect! It's a beautiful pink color and lasts all day. You can apply as much/less as you would like to create the look you want. I adoreeeee.

I love this camera necklace so bad! I rediscovered this necklace and wore it a lot! Go for a casual look and add this necklace. Perfection guaranteed.

I like to switch my deodorant every now and then. I got this play it sexy deodorant from Playboy and it smells amazing! You will smell the scent all day long and it smells very feminine. Me like!

Hot chocolate 
I love these little hot chocolate spoons with chocolate. Just warm a cup of milk, stir through it with these sticks, and enjoy your delicious hot chocolate! These sticks are milk chocolate, there is also a dark chocolate variant. 

Hand cream
My must have product! I have had very very dry hands this month with a lot of splits. I hate it! Since I bought this amazing product it got so much better! I don't know how it works, but it does its job great! It's the Neutrogena hand cream. It has some German texts on it so I guess it's from there..

Gucci-envy me is TheBomb.Com. Oh my, I love it! I'm very keen on it because it's so amazing! It smells very fresh, unlike my other perfumes. It's perfect for a nice spring day! 

The Anastasia Brow Wiz eyebrow pencil is totally made for me. It is the exact right color for my eyebrows (Medium Brown) and you can draw them as clear as you want. You just brush through your eyebrows with the other side and your eyebrows are perfectly in shape!

I bought these bracelets at H&M a while ago. The bracelet made of fabric broke almost immediately (Ugh..) but I just love how they look! I still love them both because they look so cute together. 

These were my favorites! Let me know what your January favorites were!

17 opmerkingen:

  1. Love it! Je pennyboard is echt mooooi.

  2. Leuke faves! vind dat board zo leuk!

    Liefs Nora / 1310bynora.com

  3. I love your necklace and lipstick ! I love your post as always ;)

    -auré xoxo

  4. The penny board is wayy awesome...excellent choice :D

  5. I really want to get scented candles! And divergent is such a great book! :D

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  6. Ik hou ook echt van die hot chocolate cubes ^^
    En begin heel erg benieuwd te worden naar Divergent! :)

  7. Wat een leuke favorieten! Die penny board is super gaaf haha :)

  8. Wat ziet die penny board er leuk uit! :-)

  9. Dat boek ziet er niet slecht uit! Er komt binnenkort ook een film van uit x

  10. Divergent is incredible!!!! currently on the 2nd one :) x

  11. Adoro as cores do Penny Board <3



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