Mjus Sneakers || NEW IN

Yesterday I went to our city to get a new pair of shoes. I actually needed them for a special occasion, but they will be gorgeous with normal outfits as well. I totally am in love with the colors and use of material. It has some nice 'snake' print details, studs and the lighter laces give it even more deepness. What do you think of them? Click read more for some detail shots and to see my lovely pet.

Instadiary #3

Every once in a while I am telling you about some personal stuff going on in my life. I like to call it Instadiary because I use my Instagram pictures. Why I'm telling you this? Well,,.. it has been a while since I last did such a post so I thought it would be time to do one for you again. Feel free to tell me your Instagram account as well so I can check it out!

Spring hairstyles tutorial ♡

It has already been a while since I posted a hair style video so I thought, with spring coming up, it would be a nice idea to do a spring hair style tutorial! I will show you 3 different spring hair styles. They differ a lot from each other. You can spend 2 to 10 minutes on your hair style, depending on how much time you have. Also, I have an updo, half up/half down and a hair down look (I know this sounds pretty weird..). I hope you like this video and let me kwow which hair style is your fave!

10x Fashionable Sunglasses

This Spring/Summer it's all about fashionable, big and especially original sunglasses. Nothing is too striking and nothing is too big. When browsing through magazines, internet sites and other fashion planets, it gets clearer and clearer. I love sunnies so much, it's a petty that I need prescription glasses, other ways I would have had a billion probably..  Today I am going to show you some amazing glasses I found!

Candy Crush Collage

Today I would like to show you guys a collage I made today. It's just a small A4 collage, but I really like it it. It's simple but still stylish. I really like the composition and the use of color. What colors do you like the most for spring fashion? I love the bright pink, light blue and white ones! Especially I love lace, original skirts and cropped tops! XOXO

Spam your blog!

I love writing about fashion and beauty. I definitely do. But sometimes I also just love to surf the internet and find blogs I didn't know yet. I really like it to read all your lovely blogs and that's exactly why I put up this post. Normally I don't like spam comments but right now it's your chance to tell me all about your blog! Tell me why you started, about the topics you write about and why everyone should know about your blog. You can tell me anything you like! Now go go go! XOXO Anna

VIP Box First Try || BEAUTY

So, I wanted to order a beauty box for some time now and I wasn't sure which one I should take. But when I found out about the VIP box, I was very curious. The nice part about this box is that you can order your first box for €5,- instead of  €10,-. So why not try it out? And so I did. This is my first box! I was really happy to receive such nice products. It feels like they combine different things together so you will be able to create a look with all the things in the box. It contained a mask, bronzer, matte face powder, blush brush, lip balm and palette with a concealer, highlighter and brow trio. Want to know my opinion on this box? Click read more!

Ombre Lips Photo Tutorial || BEAUTY

Hey! It has already been a while since I last did a beauty post, so I decided to put one up for you! Let me know if you want to see more beauty posts, or any other request ;-) Requests are always welcome! Anyways.., today I'm showing you in a step by step photo tutorial how you can create some adorable ombre lips. They are so trendy and look amazing! Let me know what you think of the ombre hype, do you like it? Or do you wish it didn't exist?

Spring Outfit Ideas

Hellowww! Spring is almost almost here and that means a change of wardrobe. And what people are better wardrobe stylists than fashion bloggers? Yup, today I will be showing you four awesome outfit ideas to rock your spring! Inclusive prices, where to shop and of course some different styles. A cute, bohemian, chic, a mix of styles, and casual look. Let me know you favorite style in the comments!


Probably most of you have heard of the Nike Freeruns. You see them literally everywhere! You can buy them in a local shop or online, but did you know you can also design your own Nike Freerunner shoes? You can customize all the different parts of the shoe! I was doubting to buy a pair of Nike Freeruns myself, but now I'm happy that I have waited. I love designing! :D In this post I will show you my ideal design, running outfit ideas and some inspirations of the shoe.


Are you happy? I mean: the sun is shining so bright where I live! I love it! It really makes me happy and I even like to go to school by bike now. Crazy, huh? I don't know but I'm in a good mood all day long and I sport a lot now the weather turns better. You can conclude it has a good influence on me. During the day time I just wear a tee and in the evening I put on a nice vest or cardigan. Today I will show you an adorable cardigan from Persunmall. I love it so much! It's comfy and I am in love with the pattern. I also like to experiment with my hair a lot these days. A spring hair style video is coming soon, but for now let's continue with these nice outfit photos.


So you want a summer you won't forget? Then this post is made for you! I will show you some inspiring pictures of things you can do this summer. The most important thing is, of course, to have a lot of fun! Whatever you do, make it fun! I know it is not summer yet, but the sun starts shining and it made me so happy that I decided to do an inspiration post. I hope you enjoy! :D

Would you like to see more inspiring photos? Check out my WeHeartIt page!


I filmed this video already a while ago, but I came across it a few days ago and I found out I bought some cool spring room decorations so that's why I decided to still upload it on YouTube! I bought a few pillows, some bath stuff and some other cool things. I just love everything and it was all on sale! :D Everything is from Riverdale because I just fall for that brand in some way.. I'm not an affiliate of them btw ;-) I hope you enjoy the video and let me know if you have a video request in the comments! Love you all!


White Lace Dress (Save 64% now!)
When you enter an online store and find your perfect dress for not that much money. When you find every single dress beautiful, sophisticated, feminine and perfect in one store. Do you know that time of the year? Well, from now on you do. Take a look at Dressale. They are perfection. They sell tons of special occasion dresses. ALL ON SALE. Oh my, I just can't .... can you believe it? Click read more to see my wishlist!

New Collection Bugatti Shoes

Recently I got a pretty pleasant press release. I was able to view the new spring/summer 2014 Bugatti shoes collection. I always thought their shoes were pretty boring, but I'm convinced right now! I actually started to like some of their designs. That's why I thought it would be interesting to write about it and I am thrilled to share some of their shoes with you! Click read more to see their amazing new collection!