White Lace Dress (Save 64% now!)
When you enter an online store and find your perfect dress for not that much money. When you find every single dress beautiful, sophisticated, feminine and perfect in one store. Do you know that time of the year? Well, from now on you do. Take a look at Dressale. They are perfection. They sell tons of special occasion dresses. ALL ON SALE. Oh my, I just can't .... can you believe it? Click read more to see my wishlist!

So the first dress on my wishlist is this white lace dress. It is a special occasion dress, but you will be able to dress it up or down. Take out a denim jacket and for example these boots and you will go perfect for a casual, but girly look. In the evening you just take out these heels to rock your party!

So when I saw this dress, only one thing was on my mind: perfection! I love the shape, the material and the details. It's sophisticated, a little bit feminine and girly. It would be so cute for a nice dinner on the beach with your boyfriend. Or on your best friends sweet 16. Even though this would be more of an evening dress, I think the light material and colors will be appropriate for a chic day party.  And OMG, these or these heels will go perfect with this dress.

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Something I admire about this dress is the originality. I love the long sleeve on the back and the glittery details on top. The combination of fabrics just gets it all together. My deepest fashion dreams are about this dress.

Of course you will need some accessories to go with the perfect dress. For the first dress I would choose the earrings on the left. They have some beautiful rhinestones in them and are the exact right shape for such a basic, but at the same time sophisticated, dress. 

For the second dress I would go more natural when it comes to earrings. The earrings on the right are very cute and just as the dress, very fashionable. They are not as usual, but that makes me like them. I love everything in fashion which is just a little different from normal.

Finally, we need a clutch to finish our outfits and rock our parties! I didn't specifically choose this clutch to go with one of the dresses above, but I just think this clutch would fit perfectly in my wardrobe! The material looks really cool and the rings above are just stunning and fashionable. And say it yourself, who doesn't need a bag? I mean. Every fashionista does ;) This clutch is btw also available in different colors like grey, gold and champagne. 

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