Instadiary #3

Every once in a while I am telling you about some personal stuff going on in my life. I like to call it Instadiary because I use my Instagram pictures. Why I'm telling you this? Well,,.. it has been a while since I last did such a post so I thought it would be time to do one for you again. Feel free to tell me your Instagram account as well so I can check it out!

001. Today I went shopping and got some new clothes for physical education. 002. On my mothers birthday we had dinner with our family and grandparents. 003. I went skiing off piste with a guide for four days in Saalbach-Hinterglemm. It was so much fun! 004. Trying out my new hat. 005. I felt healthy and prepared a delicious lunch for myself when nobody was home. 006. I went to take outfit photos with my mother. 007. I received a box from 5th avenue, New York! 008. Mountain biking with two friends. 009.  My father gave me these adorable sunglasses.

010. Whenever I want to film a video, my entire room is filled with just the two soft boxes and my tripod. I barely fit in my room then haha. 011. I know it has already been a while, but I just love photos of New Years eve! 012. My niece straightened my hair :D

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  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. Keep in touch

  2. awesome photos!
    this is random but i love your glasses, the frames are so cute

  3. Awesome photos. Especially this lunch. It looks very delicious. :)


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