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Hey! It has already been a while since I last did a beauty post, so I decided to put one up for you! Let me know if you want to see more beauty posts, or any other request ;-) Requests are always welcome! Anyways.., today I'm showing you in a step by step photo tutorial how you can create some adorable ombre lips. They are so trendy and look amazing! Let me know what you think of the ombre hype, do you like it? Or do you wish it didn't exist?

For this look you will need a light/normal red color lipstick, a light/normal pink lipstick and a dark red lipstick. Also you might need a little brush. You can use a lip brush, but I used an eyeshadow brush and it went perfectly fine so you won't need to buy a lip brush for this if you already have an eye shadow brush.

Start with the normal/light red lipstick. Only apply it in the inner part of your lips, so not on your full lips yet. See the picture below. It doesn't mind if it's not very neat.

Now we will take the pink lipstick. Apply it at the outer part of your lips and blend it a little bit together with the red you just put on. Don't go totally inside your lips. Now you can already see the ombré, but we are not done yet. 

Take your dark red lipstick and apply it in the middle of your lips. Finally take a brush and blend the harsh edges between your pink and red. Don't go all over your lips because then the ombré will disappear! Only the part where the red turns into pink. 

And now we are done! You are ready to rock your ombré lips! You can of course do the same trick with different colors if you like. I love these colors because they remind me so much of spring and flowers and sun and... everything happy! 

Let me know what you think of this lip-look. Personally, I love it, but our opinions can differ of course. I hope you liked this tutorial and let me know if you try it! I would love to see your recreations of these lips. You can tweet a picture to @BlogFashionAnna or mail it to me and maybe you will be featured in a blog post! 

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