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Recently I got a pretty pleasant press release. I was able to view the new spring/summer 2014 Bugatti shoes collection. I always thought their shoes were pretty boring, but I'm convinced right now! I actually started to like some of their designs. That's why I thought it would be interesting to write about it and I am thrilled to share some of their shoes with you! Click read more to see their amazing new collection!

Will you be doing a city trip this summer? Going on an adventure or are you just in need of some comfy sneakers? These summer-ish canvas sneakers have leather laces and are really kind for your feet. They are available in light-blue, grey, brown, light green, white and marine. They are €59.95, but they are timeless and last forever.


Now it's time to show you a couple of adorable suede shoes with leather laces used as decorations. They are casual and classic because of the light earth tints, sturdy stitching and summery pearls. I love the casual design so much! I would definitely wear these under some shorts in a country-like outfit. The price is €79.95. Expensive for summer shoes if you ask me, but they will definitely be worth it and because they are made of real leather also suitable for winter time.


The next thing Bugatti can't miss in a summer collection are sandals of course. Your feet will like the comfortable suede and flat bottom. The flowers on top are made of leather. These sandals will be casual enough during day time. At night you can wear them in a more chic way with a girly dress for example. Personally, I really like them and they are not that expensive for real-leather sandals. You can already buy them at a price of €49.95.

These shoes have a zipper on the side so you can get them on and off very easily. The laces will guarantee a comfortable fit and are, along with the strong sole, perfect for hiking. They are light in weight and let air pass. Also, they are made of leather and you can buy them for €79.95. 


These heels are pretty comfortable because of the strong heels made of wood. They have some nice decorations and are made of leather as well. The price is €79.95. If I would buy them? I don't think so. They are not really my style. Tell me if you would buy them or not in the comments because I'm curious at your opinions! 

If you ask me, all those shoes seem to be of a very good quality and really comfortable. You pay a little bit more for sure, but they will last for a very long time and I just love how they look (especially the sneakers). All the shoes in this post are available from European size 36 up and until 42.

Do you like this collection and would you like to purchase any of these shoes? Click here to see where to buy them.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an advertorial. All opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Vooral de pumps spreken mij wel aan!

  2. Wat een leuke schoenen! Vooral de lichtblauwe zijn wel mijn favoriet.

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