TIP: Re-use Old Boxes!

Whether it's a beauty box or gadget box, there are actually quite a lot of good quality and strong boxes you get in your life. Most of us just toss them away at the garbage once the items are used, but these boxes actually come in really handy for us fashion and beauty lovers! That's why I would like to give you a few tips on how to re-use your old boxes! It's Eco-friendly, smart and stylish at the same time! 

IMPORTANT: Time For Change!

Today I have an important notice for all of you! I enjoyed blogging in English for a very long time now and I will still be blogging in English for one more week, but afterwards I will continue my blog in Dutch. I already made my last YouTube video in English (see the video below). It's very weird for me to change and I even think it's kind of scary, but I thought it would be the best thing to do since most of my active followers are Dutch. I'm from the Netherlands myself and I think I can be much more spontaneous if I switch to Dutch. I really would like to say thank you to all the followers who enjoyed my English posts and I wish you a great pleasure the upcoming week. I loved reading your English comments and I hope all the Dutch people will be excited for this change! Of course my posts and videos will still be very visual with many nice fashion photos, so if you like to see beautiful inspiration shots, you can definitely still follow my blog!

Summer Wishlist!

Hi Guys! With only one more exam to go I thought I could dream about some beautiful fashion pieces I´d love to have in my wardrobe! Of course a phone case isn´t a real fashion item or garment, but Ii´d love to have some new cases for my new iPhone 6! Another thing I love are distressed black or white jeans and of course I will need a nice and cute summer dress! To accessorize my outfits I´d like a nice hat or cap and some pretty sandals. What´s on your summer wishlist? Tell us in the comments! Xo Anna

Favorite Online Fashion Shops

Hey girls! Where do I go online shopping? Well.. that´s what I´m going to tell you today! I love online shopping, but I also love to go to stores and try things on. However, most of the time I still order clothes because I don´t have time to go shopping somewhere. Today I will share my honest opinion about my favorite online shops and styles! Are you with me?

Festival Outfit Ideas

The festival season has started and I can´t wait to go to the next big festival as well! For girls it´s not just music, but wearing some cute and fashionable outfits has grown to be a must. That´s why I´m here! Today I will show you four possible festival outfits which I would love to wear to a festival! Hopefully you will be inspired from this post and make sure to let me know which outfit is your favorite!

Light 'Fit || OUTFIT

Hi guys!
Spring has sprung and the weather is getting better here. Since the weather is changing, you also have to give your wardrobe a little change. For me, it means that all the cozy sweaters are traded for cute blouses. Also the dark colors I like to wear during winter and fall, like burgundy red, are getting replaced by lots of light colors. Pastels, and mainly white. I love to wear white, and lately it’s been kinda trendy. Like white jeans and white sneakers. Today I want to show you one of my ‘light outfits’ and also give you some tips and inspiration for your own light outfit.

Must-Have Summer Accessories

Summer is on its way to us and we can just wait until it arrives. However, we can make our summer extra awesome by preparing ourselves well with, of course, some must-have accessories. That's why I will be showing you my must-have summer accessories today! Are you prepared? Let's find out!

DI-TRY With Lisa

Today I'm back again with Lisa and we thought it would be nice to try out some Pinterest DIY's on camera! Well... I must say not every DIY succeeded, but we certainly had a lot of fun! We hope you will like this video and if you would like to see more videos (even before they are published on this blog) make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel! Xoxo Anna

Silver White iPhone 6 || NEW IN

It feels like I've waited for forever until I finally got the new iPhone 6 at home, but now I can say I'm the happy owner of the silver white iPhone 6! I was doubting between basically all editions: the gold and white, silver and white, space grey black one. I loved the backside of the black one, but I love the white front better than a black front and that's basically the only side you see when you are on your phone. Then I thought most girls have the gold one and the silver one looked a little bit like the space grey backside, so that's why I chose this one haha!

How To Handle Finals Stress

Personally, I'm not the kind of person worrying too much about my finals because I've good grades and I know I will pass my exams if I study. However, I also know a lot of people who are already bypassing the healthy finals nerves and have turned into some kind of real life wrecking ball. I do understand that it's not easy for everyone to pass their exams and even if you have good grades, you still want to get the best out of yourself. However, too much stress might result in the opposite of good grades. This is why I decided to help some of you out today with a little anti-stress guide for your finals!

Music Videos To Watch For Fashion

Secretly we have all done it, watching a video clip simply because the people in it wear amazing clothes. Or am I the only one? Anyway, I love watching music videos and discover some new styles. Today I will show you a couple of my (recent) favorites! Becky G is one of my video clip fashion-heroes, would you like to see what other videos I watch simply because of the amazing clothes? Click the read more button!

3 Ways To Style A Hat

Hi Guys!
If friends could describe my style, and things that I like, they would probably name hats! I love hats, they’re so cute and you can style them in many different ways. I started wearing hats like one year ago, I saw a lot of fashion bloggers and celebs with hats so it was something I wanted to try as well. Hats are great to add something to your outfit and also to cover your bad hair day. When you wear a simple outfit, just add a hat and you’re good to go!