Summer Wishlist!

Hi Guys! With only one more exam to go I thought I could dream about some beautiful fashion pieces I´d love to have in my wardrobe! Of course a phone case isn´t a real fashion item or garment, but Ii´d love to have some new cases for my new iPhone 6! Another thing I love are distressed black or white jeans and of course I will need a nice and cute summer dress! To accessorize my outfits I´d like a nice hat or cap and some pretty sandals. What´s on your summer wishlist? Tell us in the comments! Xo Anna

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Cute Wishlist! The dress looks very pretty. :) I think on my Wishlist will be a pair of denim shorts, a cute top to combine it with and I think some jewelry or fun accessories. Good luck with your last exam! Isabella x

  2. Dat hoesje is leuk! Leuke wishlist :)

  3. Dat jurkje en hoedje zijn zo leuk<3
    X Emma


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