Silver White iPhone 6 || NEW IN

It feels like I've waited for forever until I finally got the new iPhone 6 at home, but now I can say I'm the happy owner of the silver white iPhone 6! I was doubting between basically all editions: the gold and white, silver and white, space grey black one. I loved the backside of the black one, but I love the white front better than a black front and that's basically the only side you see when you are on your phone. Then I thought most girls have the gold one and the silver one looked a little bit like the space grey backside, so that's why I chose this one haha!

When I opened the box I was so happy! This iPhone 6 is even prettier than I imagined it to be! Before I had an iPhone 5 and after a couple of minutes I was already used to the bigger iPhone 6 screen. 

What do you think of the iPhone 6? Do you also own an iPhone 6 and if so, in what color? Let me know because I'm so curious! Xoxo Anna

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