Music Videos To Watch For Fashion

Secretly we have all done it, watching a video clip simply because the people in it wear amazing clothes. Or am I the only one? Anyway, I love watching music videos and discover some new styles. Today I will show you a couple of my (recent) favorites! Becky G is one of my video clip fashion-heroes, would you like to see what other videos I watch simply because of the amazing clothes? Click the read more button!

Lean on is very exotic and Asia-style music video. I love the colors and the fashion is amazing! Actually I'm right now busy filming a video inspired by this clip, can you guess what it will be? 

Of course I couldn't skip J-Lo. Last year she published this video and I was totally in love with the fashion she was wearing. Her style is always on point.

As always is Taylor Swift's style very classy and that's what I like about her! What do you think about her style?

Which of these styles is your favorite? Do you ever watch music videos because of the awesome fashion pieces the artists wear? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love watching music videos and falling in love with the clothes/makeup/hair. It is a great way to get inspired!

  2. So look these mvs


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