White as lace || OUTFIT

Today I'm wearing a double lace outfit featuring my brand new skirt from OASAP. This is the first time for me to wear this skirt and I absolutely adore it! The lace is perfect and I love to combine all white items together.  I also really like the photos I took in this post together with Senna. I know her for a while now and her photos are getting better and better! Click read more to see all the photos we took!

Amazing leather phone case iphone 5/5S

Recently a person from MobileFun asked me if I wanted to write about a phone case which was on their site and as soon as I saw the phone cases they sell, I said yes! They sell so many adorable phone cases. They also have tons of iPhone 5S Cases, but for many different other phones as well. I really like the diversity of their webshop. They even sell little stick-on-the-wall speakers to play music in the shower! I decided to go for this beautiful leather phone case and I'm totally in love with it! It's for the iPhone 5 but also for the 5S.

Finding Your Style, Part 4: Evolve Your Style

This is the last part of my four part guide to find your very own style. We have already discussed how to re-organize your closet, what basics you need and how to be inspired. If you haven't read the previous parts, I would recommend them since they are a necessity for this part. In this part I will help you taking the very last step to your own style! Click read more to read and see.

Finding Your Style, Part 3: Be Inspired

It's already the third edition of my 4 part guide to finding your very own personal style. We've now discussed how you prepare your closet and I told you about the basics you will need to start with a fresh new style. Today it's probably time for one of the best parts: finding inspiration! You can look literally everywhere, but in this part I will give you some really practical tips on where to find your inspiration, how to interpret it and translate it into your own style. Enjoy!

Finding Your Style, Part 2: Get The Basics

In the previous part of finding your style I told you how to re-organize your closet in order to have a fresh start for your new style. It's very important not to keep old items if you want to get a better/new style for the upcoming year. This way you can't be tempted to wear these oldies and now you have all the room to focus on your new pieces. In this second part of my 4 part guide to your new style, I will be telling you all about the basics every style needs in order to evolve further and be able to combine everything.

Finding Your Style, Part 1: A Fresh Closet

This is the first post of a guide, consisting of 4 parts. I will give you a lot of practical tips on how to find your own style! This is a perfect way to start next school year with a fresh style. Maybe you are going to highschool, university or you might start your new job. We all want to look best, but not just on the first 'back to school' day. That's why I thought this guide would be perfect! In this first part I will help you start with your closet. Come with me with our journey to style!

Outfits of the Week

Hello! This is my very first outfits of the week video and I really hope you like it. These are just 4 outfits I wore in the past two weeks or so. I think this is a good way of showing you what clothes I normally wear to school or when I'm going somewhere. I wore two of them to school, one when we went to an island and the beach and the one with the white dress I wore in the weekend and when we had to film interviews for school in the city. I hope you like this video! Let me know if I should do these more often, and for what kind of days you would like to see my outfits. XOXO Anna

Fringed lace || OUTFIT

Yup, I'm back with another outfit of the day. Today I'm wearing my new kimono from OASAP and I'm totally in love with it. I can't say other ways. I decided to the kimono together with these lace shorts I'm wearing from OASAP as well. Finally a basic black tank top with lace on top and my Topshop boots. I can not get enough of these boots and you will be seeing them very often. They go with everything and they are so stylish! 

The perfect summer job ideas

Of course everyone wants their summer to be perfect, but you also want to earn some money to cover up for the huge amount of holiday costs. Preferably a job which is a lot of fun so it doesn't feel like you are actually working. Well, today I'm here with the ultimate summer job help guide! I will be helping you to find an awesome job which does get paid. Be sure to click the read more button and maybe find your ultimate summer job!

Donut Worry || OUTFIT

Today I'm wearing an awesome outfit with my new skirt from SheInside. I literally don't get why I haven't discovered this shop before. This is already my second time ordering something and the quality was both times even better than expected. So I will give SheInside a big thumps up! The skirt I recently ordered looks so chic, it has a zipper on the back and the light blue color is perfect for the summer!

Been there, done that || TAG

I was tagged by Jet for this tag and normally I never do a lot of tags, but I just love this tag so much so I decided to do it! It's all about your favorite travel destinations and special holiday memories. I hope you enjoy!

May Favorites 2014

It has been a long time since I posted a favorites video and I'm so sorry! I really hope this video with a ton of amazing favorites will make it up to you! I will be showing some fashion, beauty en hair stuff that I've been loving this month. I hope you enjoy the video, don't forget to tell me in the comments what your favorites are right now! XOXO Anna

Me and my Janoskis || OUTFIT

Of course I had to show you an outfit post with my new Janoski shoes from Nike. I totally am in love with them and I never regret buying them. They are from suede and today I'm wearing them in a casual way with my red flannel and I'm even wearing a necklace which comes all the way from Zambia. Click read more for more photos!

People's Choice Awards Zalando 2014

Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that I'm nominated for the People's Choice Awards 2014 of Zalando! This award will be given to the blogger with the most votes. I really need your vote and I can't tell you how incredibly happy I would be if we could win this. And you know what, I think we can do this! A nice fact, if you vote you are entered to win 500 euro's shopping money on Zalando! Say whut?! Reasons enough to vote!

You can vote for me HERE.

This is how it works: The first box is the URL of your favorite blog.You can just copy my blog link and paste it into the box. Then you can fill in your name and e-mail address. Say you're a male or female and accept the conditions!

You can vote up and until June 30. If you vote you can win €500 shopping money on Zalando!

P.s. Stay tuned for a new outfit post tomorrow!

Nike Janoskis || NEW IN

Ellow! How are you all doing? I'm fine because I bought the shoes I wanted to have for a few weeks now. They are these adorable Nike Janoskis. I love them so much! Everyone is now going for the Nike Roche Run's etc. but I really wanted to buy Nike shoes, different Nike shoes. I saw a few people with these and I was sold. Even though they are actually skateboard shoes, I would love to style them with a chic blouse as well. I love the all black shoes and the white band + Nike logo standing out! I can't wait to wear them! What do you think of these babes? Let me know in the comments!