People's Choice Awards Zalando 2014

Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that I'm nominated for the People's Choice Awards 2014 of Zalando! This award will be given to the blogger with the most votes. I really need your vote and I can't tell you how incredibly happy I would be if we could win this. And you know what, I think we can do this! A nice fact, if you vote you are entered to win 500 euro's shopping money on Zalando! Say whut?! Reasons enough to vote!

You can vote for me HERE.

This is how it works: The first box is the URL of your favorite blog.You can just copy my blog link and paste it into the box. Then you can fill in your name and e-mail address. Say you're a male or female and accept the conditions!

You can vote up and until June 30. If you vote you can win €500 shopping money on Zalando!

P.s. Stay tuned for a new outfit post tomorrow!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Op je blog gestemd! Leuk dat ik ook kans maak op een prijs. Succes! Xxx

  2. Leuk zeg! Ik heb helaas al op iemand anders gestemd maar ik wens je heel veel succes :)! XX

  3. Love this look! Those shoes are so cute!

  4. wow your sunglasses is awesome, nice shots!!

    kindly check out mine, xx


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