Amazing leather phone case iphone 5/5S

Recently a person from MobileFun asked me if I wanted to write about a phone case which was on their site and as soon as I saw the phone cases they sell, I said yes! They sell so many adorable phone cases. They also have tons of iPhone 5S Cases, but for many different other phones as well. I really like the diversity of their webshop. They even sell little stick-on-the-wall speakers to play music in the shower! I decided to go for this beautiful leather phone case and I'm totally in love with it! It's for the iPhone 5 but also for the 5S.

Every detail is worked out and the sides of the 'phone holder' are also covered with the same leather. 

When you open this phone case (with a magnet), you can even use it for your credit card or any other pass you like to bring with you. If you want to bring a little bit of cash as well, there is a horizontal pocket as well apart from the credit card pocket. 

As you can see this phone case really protects your mobile phone when it drops on the ground, but it's also very practical because you can charge it without removing or opening the phone case. The leather will also, even though it's not really good for the leather, protect your phone against water. 

I really am in love with this chic, but casual design. I totally fell in love with the studs as well! It's just the perfect case for me and it fits totally to my style!  

Just as the hole in the front it also has a hole for your camera and flashlight so you can make photos with the phone case on.

My opinion is very clear: I love this phone case so incredibly much, but what do you think about this phone case? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. This is a beautiful phone purse! There are so many awesome accessories for the iphone, wish they would also exist for HTC :p

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  2. Such a beautiful case dear :)

  3. Amazing case!

  4. Amiga que show amei tenha uma semana vitoriosa.
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  6. wauw i love this phone case beautiful! lots of love x


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