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I was tagged by Jet for this tag and normally I never do a lot of tags, but I just love this tag so much so I decided to do it! It's all about your favorite travel destinations and special holiday memories. I hope you enjoy!

Which countries of the world did you visit?
I actually have visited a lot of countries already, and I'm so happy about it! When I was 10 years old we first went to another country. We took a RV and drove through Belgium, next France and then went by boat to the UK and then Ireland. We slept on campsites and it was really nice! After this we went to other countries, Turkey, Brazil (just me), Zambia (just me), Austria, Swiss, Germany, Italy (just me), Tanzania, Zanzibar, Peru, USA, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.

Which destination is on top of your wishlist? Where would you really like to go?
I would love to go to India or any Asiatic countries since I haven't been there yet and I'm very interested in their cultures. Also I definitely want to go to California, LA and those places. They seem to be amazing!

What is your most ideal holiday?
I love something active, like skiing, surfing (even though I haven't done that before), snorkeling, but I also love boat trips, walking through cute cities and shopping.

Which destination was so special, you want to go there again?
It would be amazing if I could go back to New York City or Tanzania. We went on a safari in Tanzania and it was absolutely stunning. Finally I would love to go back to Zambia and volunteer again to help building a school and teach children. It was an incredible experience.

Show your most beautiful holiday photo.
A beautiful photo wouldn't be beautiful without a special memory. This photo was taken on our first teaching day in Livingstone, Zambia. All the children wanted to be on the photo with you and after this photo was taken they were all leaning on me and I felt forward. It was so funny and an amazing two weeks as a volunteer!

With who do you travel most of the time?
Most of the time with my family, sometimes with groups like school or from a travel agency.

With who would you like to go on a holiday?
It would be amazing if I could go on a road trip in California with a few friends sometime! Also I plan to go to London with a friend of me.

Who or what would you bring to an uninhabited island?
I would definitely bring my father because he knows so many things about surviving and those kind of things. Also I would bring a photo camera with a ton of batteries and memory cards. It would actually be pretty cool to be on such an island. Actually I also want to bring a friend. Ugh this is hard. I wouldn't dare to go on my own anyway. What if there's a snake in my hut?

Have you been on holiday inside the Netherlands (your home country), if yes, where?
Yes, I have been to a campsite in Zwolle with a friend and her mother. I have been to Utrecht (which was more because I needed to be there for a theater performance) and Groningen (I was an extra for two days in a movie which was filmed over there). Also I often go to acquaintances in Brabant, Amsterdam or very sometimes to the sea.

Would you prefer to go to an amusement park or the zoo?
Definitely an amusement park. I'm all about the roller coasters and having fun with friends! TIP for people who love amusement parks: I loved Universal Studios in Florida. They have a Harry Potter attraction and it's amazing! When you wait for your turn, it seems like you are walking through the movie (everything is so real!). Then you sit on a broomstick (yup) and fly through all the movies. It's incredible!

Would you prefer to go on a skiing holiday or a sun holiday?
This is very hard. I love skiing and we go almost every year. Especially skiing off piste. Check the video for example (filmed with my father's helmet camera last year). But I also love sun holidays. I really can't choose because I can't never go skiing again or never go on a sun holiday again.

What is your favorite holiday memory?
There are so many amazing memories! For example: on the first day of safari in Tanzania we drove in an open jeep. The guide stopped because he saw a lion. Luckily because ten cm in front of the car was another lion. We drove past the lion and suddenly we were in between 9 lions. They were so close we could touch them. It was incredibly scary but awesome. Also, and this is probably my absolute favorite, was Zambia. We went there with a group of volunteers and teached children, helped building two classrooms and so much more. It was unforgettable!

What is your least fun holiday memory?
This is actually a memory from an amazing destination, but it was in Peru. The Netherlands is under sea level, and the first day we arrived we went to a height of 5000 meters. We all were really sick and I was sick for the rest of the two weeks (we were still on height, but not that high). It turned out to be so bad that a doctor had to come for me and my brother. I got an injection with a huge needle, and I still don't know what it was (the doctor could only speak Spanish). Then I had to take 10 medicines a day and my nose started to bleed every time. Yeah, that was not very nice ;)

To which country(ies) are you going this year?
I am so excited to announce that I'm probably going to Japan! Yup, I can barely believe it myself. I'm so so excited about this and I literally started counting the days half a year ago.

Where would you never go on a holiday?
To a country in war, I never want to get involved in violence or fights.

These were my answers! Of course I've also chosen a few other bloggers to write about this tag on their blogs, but if you would like to do this tag as well and you are not in this list, of course you can do it!

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  1. Wow, you have done a lot of travelling. That is amazing! You are a very lucky girl. It's always exciting to see new places and experience different cultures. What a wonderful tag :)

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  3. Zo jij hebt veel gereisd, super leuk om te lezen !!

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