Finding Your Style, Part 2: Get The Basics

In the previous part of finding your style I told you how to re-organize your closet in order to have a fresh start for your new style. It's very important not to keep old items if you want to get a better/new style for the upcoming year. This way you can't be tempted to wear these oldies and now you have all the room to focus on your new pieces. In this second part of my 4 part guide to your new style, I will be telling you all about the basics every style needs in order to evolve further and be able to combine everything.

First of all you will want to own a basic black tee and a basic white tee. You can already decide if you want them to be cropped, long or more like a tank top. Whatever you think fits your new style! It's just really good to own these because they are very versatile. You can mix and match and you will be able to combine them with any kind of statement piece.

The second one is probably no surprise, but yes indeed, you will need a LBD, or Little Black Dress. Choose a type which fits you nice. You can combine a little black dress in so many different styles! Add a blazer to make it appropriate for work, add a denim jacket for a cool look or add a belt to make it more casual.

Everyone needs a pair of jeans. You can go for blue, but also black or maybe even a white pair will be nice for your closet. Blue is the most versatile, but black looks easily chic and white looks often very cute. Also you will need a pair of denim shorts.

The last garment you will need is a blazer. You can get them in every possible color again, but for this I would go for a black, white or other basic color. I wouldn't recommend to start with a patterned blazer. If you start your basics with all kind of patterns, you will never be able to mix and match, while that's the purpose of basics. 

For shoes you will be needing a pair of basic heels. It doesn't matter what color, it all depends on the color you like. If you want to go safe black and nude are perfect, are you going for a rocking look then you might want to go for bright red. Heels will be really nice for any style. Especially if you are going to a special event and you want to look the best you can.

Next you will need a pair of sneakers for the more comfortable days. You can choose All Stars but also Vans or Nike skate shoes or some very simple tennis shoes. You can get them at any price range and they will totally be perfect for the casual days.

The last pair of shoes you will need are some sandals, flip flops or ballerina shoes. You will need some shoes for the hot days and you will also be able to get them in every possible style.

You will need some accessories, but this is something which is not really an absolute must. Some people don't like to wear a lot of accessories. But if you need one accessory it would be a nice bag. You can decide for yourself which one you like. Also you might want some sunglasses fitting to your style, a belt and a watch. From there you can decide if you want to wear necklaces, bracelets, rings or anything else.

And that's it for the basics! If you want to join me on our journey to style, come back in two days for another part of this 4 part guide to style! In the next part I'm telling you all about getting inspired for your new style.

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  1. Leuk artikel! Ik zelf heb juist echte basics, en juist hele druk geprinte shirts van bijvoorbeeld Hype of Criminal Damage. Zelf ben ik dol op mijn laatste sneakers van Nike, Stefan Janoski's. Ook heb ik van de week all white vans besteld, lekker basic!

  2. great post :)

  3. i love basic clothes <3

  4. when I go to shop for basics, I always end up buying even more quirky stuff, that's stronger than me!

  5. nice post:-) basic clothes are something that i always find i'm missing in my wardrobe, haha! x

  6. swag style - I like it so much! ♥ haha ;)


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