Finding Your Style, Part 1: A Fresh Closet

This is the first post of a guide, consisting of 4 parts. I will give you a lot of practical tips on how to find your own style! This is a perfect way to start next school year with a fresh style. Maybe you are going to highschool, university or you might start your new job. We all want to look best, but not just on the first 'back to school' day. That's why I thought this guide would be perfect! In this first part I will help you start with your closet. Come with me with our journey to style!

So, this might seem very very difficult, but actually it will feel really good afterwards! The best thing to start over is to start from a fresh closet. Be very critical and go through every clothing piece in your closet and ask yourself this question: does this fit my new style? Make sure not to throw away any basic items too easily. 

Now it's time to make four piles of clothes. The first one: clothes you want to throw away, but which are still of a good quality. The second pile: old clothes which are really worn-out. The third pile will be the clothes you absolutely want to keep. The last pile, number 4, you want to put clothes on which you doubt about. Maybe they have a special memory, maybe you are not sure if you will be wearing them again but it's too soon to throw them away, etc..

Now it's time to do a good job to people in need! Give away the clothes of good quality to charity, or start your own shop on Ebay. This way you can directly save some money for some new clothes which do fit your new style! Throw the second pile away, put the third pile back into your closet and now the last pile. Something which really works is to take a box, put in the 4th pile of clothes and put it underneath your bed. After some months you take the box out and see what you have worn. If you didn't wear it, what's the point of keeping it? Just give it to charity, sell it or throw it away. This way you will make room for the clothes you really do like instead of keeping clothes for ages without wearing them.

After you've decided which items to keep and which items to throw away you can directly clean your closet and re-organize it. Organize it on color, season or whatever method you prefer.

And that's it for re-organizing your closet! Now you have a fresh start to evolve your style further. Make sure to come back in two days for the second episode of 'finding your style'. In the upcoming part I will be telling you all about the right basic fashion pieces every style needs.


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  1. This is great! It's so important to donate clothes when you don't need them anymore :)

  2. Great concept. I agree with Shannon... You should definitely give them away when you're not wearing them anymore.
    Cool post!

    Love from Accra.

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  4. I agree with all the tips! For some people it's soooo hard to throw away the clothes the don't actually wear at all. But people think "Oh, maybe I'll keep it for better days" but then we face with another problem: nothing to wear but the wardrobe full of the cclothes. Actually it was also my problem (sometimes I even have this s**t in my head). As for me it's better to have less clothes but that style that suits you well and can be combined with each other. It doesn't mean that you should be in your comfort zone in fashion. But to have clothes in wardrobe in order just to have isn't the best decision.

  5. This are great tips. I often realize i've got so much stuff over the years that i don't wear and I've been saving them just for emotional pointless reasons...


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