Try On Spring Fashion Haul

Hey girls! February 24 I went shopping in Amsterdam with a friend and I bought many fashion pieces to wear this Spring season! I filmed the video on February 25, which was my birthday! I am not just holding the fashion items, but I'm also showing you how they fit me so I'm actually wearing them! This is different from me and my normal haul videos, so please let me know in the comments if you like this better! I bought clothes at Primark, H&M, River Island, Forever21, the Sting and Zara! Did you recently go shopping as well? Let me know in the comments what you bought! I'm sure it's awesome :D 

It's my birthday!

Yup, the time of the year has come that I've grown a year older. But this time it's still very different from other years because I turned 18. From now on I'm able to do a lot more things legally, HURRAY!  I celebrated it with my family (except for my father because he wasn't at home) because it's the best way to celebrate something like this in my opinion. I also will be celebrating my birthday for friends and other family members soon. What's your favorite way to celebrate a special birthday? Let me know in the comments! XOXO Anna

Spring 2015 Sneaker Trends

Winter is almost over which means Spring is coming up. Each season I love to buy new shoes and in Spring I often buy a new pair of sneakers. Even though I really like exciting original sneakers, sometimes I also go for a trending pair, like I did this time with my new Adidas Superstars II. In this post I will show you some of my favorite soon-to-be-here sneaker trends. Let’s get started! 

My Favorite Spring Perfume || Gucci Envy Me

Spring will be here soon and this means: birds, flowers, better weather, sun, light and so much more. When I think about a change of season, I think about a different perfume. To me, this Gucci perfume called Envy Me is the perfect spring perfume! I got it two years ago for Christmas and I am still in love with it. It smells very fresh, light and a little bit like flowers. I also adore the packaging, which is basic, but still girly and happy. What is your favorite spring perfume?

6 Hairstyles || INSPIRATION

Today I'm back with another set of inspiration! Of course nobody has the same hair so I have inspiration pictures ready for six different hair types/styles: Long, Very Curly, Colored Hair, Braided Hair, Beach/Wavy Hair and Short Hair! They are all collages and I got all the pictures from Tumblr and WeHeartIt. You can follow me on there if you like ;-) Now lets enjoy this eye candy!

Adidas Superstars II || NEW IN

A week ago I finally could order these Adidas Superstar II sneakers. Before they were either sold out, not available in my size, twice the normal price or after my order they still turned out to be out of stock. I never wear gold so that's why I thought these one would suit me better than the original Superstars who have a golden label and superstar written on the side in gold. I have already so many amazing outfits in mind with these shoes and I can't wait to wear them and try them out. I also can't wait until the weather gets better and I can ride my Penny board again. 

Fading Dots || OUTFIT

I’m totally in love with this new pair of leggings from Trendy Legs! I like the fit and the fading dots. In my opinion it’s a real classic pair and they are perfect for Valentines day. But you have to like them, because not everyone thinks they are wearable. So what? You can wear them to whatever you want, like Carnival for instance. You don’t have to wear only very weird things to carnival, you can also wear rare and different items. These tights are perfect for that! I think it really depends on how you style them, for what occasion it's suitable. Today I choose for this valentines day look.

Get Ready For Valentines Day!

Valentines day, love it or hate it but it’s either way around the corner. I don’t have a Valentine this year so I don’t expect it to be a really special day. No roses, chocolate and teddy bears for me haha :( 

Even though you don’t have a Valentine, you can still have a fun day with friends for example. Today I want to show you my Valentines day look. Including my make-up, hair and outfit of course. 

Choies Wishlist

It has been a while since I last visited Choies and honestly I don't know why. Today I took the time to re-visit their webshop and I must say I was impressed with the amazing fashion pieces I could find. In fact, I found so many pieces that I thought it would be nice to do a post about my wishlist from Choies, starting with the amazing items you can see in the collage above. I love these two subtle necklaces, the high black heels, the eyeshadow palette and this amazing co-ord. 

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

It is February at the moment and that means that Valentine’s day is around the corner. A lot of you will have a valentine and you will go out (I guess). Well, if you have no idea what to wear you can read this article. I made three different outfits for different occasions and different personalities. You might like a skirt better, a blouse or a pair of sneakers. It’s you choice. I, myself, don’t have a valentine and I’m not especially looking forward to the day itself, but making outfits is one thing I really do like J. Alright, let’s start!

And the Winners are ...

Right now my give aways have officially come to an end. I gave away this cute bath set and an amazing top and necklace (which are currently on my wishlist). The winners were randomly chosen with and the winners are... Nynke and Courtney! Congratz! I have already emailed both of you so make sure you mail me your address so I can ship the packages to you! Did you join my give aways, but didn't you win? Don't be sad! In 20 days is my birthday and maybe ... ;-) Stay tuned! Xoxo Anna

ASOS Dresslist

Yesterday I finally ordered my Adidas Superstar II shoes on ASOS. The order I placed a week ago was cancelled because they turned out to be out of stock and I've been looking for these specific ones on almost every site I know about, but they were nowhere available in my size for months. Now my order finally succeeded, at least, I think so. Unless it gets cancelled again.. Anyway. When browsing through the ASOS site I found some amazing dresses which I would love to share with you. It would be so cool if I could have all of these in my wardrobe, but that's impossible hehe. Don't forget to let me know which one is your favorite!

Honestly, these dresses make me feel in love with prints again. It's been a while since I wore a dress with a nice print on it, but I definitely need these dresses because they will be a great addition to my wardrobe!

Which of these dresses is your favorite? Tell us in the comments! xo Anna

Dreams Come True || OUTFIT

Hello everyone! The weather is freezing, but I’m glad there isn’t that much rain in my area. That’s a good thing for me, because that means that if it’s too cold for rain, there is hope for snow again. I would love to make some pictures in the snow again, it feels like such a long time ago. – Wow, I really did wrote that the day before. Isn’t amazing? So, it snows :). - The weather makes me feel fresh and it feels like the cold has pulled off a layer of my skin. Not in a cruel but in a ‘new start’ kind of way. It looks like the new year has just started for me. 

January Faves 2015

Today I'm back with a new favorites video! This time I will show you some beauty, fashion and other random favorites I've been using a lot during January 2015. Stay tuned for more videos and don't forget to let me know what you want to see in my next video! It can be anything: fashion, beauty, DIY's, room decoration, Q&A, whatever you like!

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The Best Way To Stay Up To Date About Fashion

Sometimes I'm in a creative mood and I would like to try and forecast trends or make style collages or work on my style book. I recently purchased a new scrapbook which I call my 'stylebook'. In this book I make fashion collages of trends, moods and outfit/texture options. Today I made a couple of collages and I would love to show them to you! It's easy, relaxing and looks adorable afterwards, so why not do it yourself? Take a cup of tea, put on some music and start!

Mixing Patterns || OUTFIT

Black, stripes and leather; it’s always a good combination. A few days ago my new pencil skirt arrived, it’s a basic pencil skirt from H&M and I couldn’t wait to wear it. I went for the basic look, a striped cropped top and a leather jacket. But I felt like something was missing, a little bit of color maybe? That’s why I added this flannel, to give the outfit something special.