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Hello everyone! The weather is freezing, but I’m glad there isn’t that much rain in my area. That’s a good thing for me, because that means that if it’s too cold for rain, there is hope for snow again. I would love to make some pictures in the snow again, it feels like such a long time ago. – Wow, I really did wrote that the day before. Isn’t amazing? So, it snows :). - The weather makes me feel fresh and it feels like the cold has pulled off a layer of my skin. Not in a cruel but in a ‘new start’ kind of way. It looks like the new year has just started for me. 

Today I’m going to show you an outfit with some clothes I have never worn in photos before. The sneakers, Adidas superstar, I got them for my brithday. The coat I’m wearing is from Sheinside, and at first I really had my doubts about it. It had a piece of fur, a BIG one. And I did not like that at all. So I threw it off, and now I like it better. I really feel very comfortable (Warm) and stylish in this outfit. That doesn’t happen very much. I’m also in the middle of my test week, so I really hope that my notes are going to be alright. 


OHHH. And before I forget. Lately, I’m obsessed with this series: Once upon a time. Really, you NEED to watch it if you aren’t already. 

Well, have nice week everyone!


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