Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

It is February at the moment and that means that Valentine’s day is around the corner. A lot of you will have a valentine and you will go out (I guess). Well, if you have no idea what to wear you can read this article. I made three different outfits for different occasions and different personalities. You might like a skirt better, a blouse or a pair of sneakers. It’s you choice. I, myself, don’t have a valentine and I’m not especially looking forward to the day itself, but making outfits is one thing I really do like J. Alright, let’s start!

For the first outfit, I chose a skater skirt with a blue shirt. I love the shirt and in combination with the skirt I love it even more. It’s a plain but classic outfit and I think that this one is perfect for a night out or something like a dinner. I prefer your hair loose with this outfit, but a high pony tail would make a fine edge as well.

This next outfit is my favorite, I think. I think that this outfit is very chic but comfortable in the same time. I love the broken white color of the blouse in combination with the texture of the fur. The watch makes a nice contrast as well. I prefer this outfit with high pony tail.

This last outfit is the most comfortable of all three. The T-shirt is very beautiful and has a classy vibe. Well, in my opinion. The sneakers are from Adidas and I love them. Because this is kind of a simple outfit, wearing your hair loose or in a ponytail doesn’t really matter. I prefer the sneakers for my outfit, but a pair of brown boots is really cute too. Again, your own choice.

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  1. Wat een leuke outfits allemaal! De eerste is mijn favoriet<3
    X Emma


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